Level capped PvP Tournaments!


Like in the title, how about trying to implement a (Dino) level capped tournament/s into the game??

It would probably be a nice way of using and testing in the battle variety of dinosaurs that we normally forget about while focusing on main set.
It’s kinda pointless to test low lvl Dino of any kind if you know that anything your opponent gonna chose is going to be 10+ lvls upper, but it’s also a shame that so much work went on designing so many great looking dinos we cannot technically use.

I would think it would be much more entertaining than let’s say Strike Events, as there is a lot of different “special conditions” you can implement (lvl cap, only Common/Rare etc.), and with some kind of rewarding system that could be a lot of fun, maybe even better than main battles if allowed to build two separate decks.
Unlike Strike Events though, there should be a separate tab “tournaments” in main menu to ease the access.

What do you think about it??