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Level caps

Can we please go higher than level 20? Increased difficulty in challenges (like the campaign which is awesome) could offset increased benefit from darts, coin and DNA increases. I miss getting rewarded for leveling up creatures.

I think at some point we’ll get to go higher than 20th. Whether there would be an increase in darted DNA is a different matter, and that is possibly why we haven’t had an increase yet.

I’d like them to add more levels, but at the same point it’s not necessary and we’ve used enough coins to level up several times.

You don’t use coin to level up as a player.

Yeah but hes talking about the amount of coins weve used since hitting cap to level our team… i always feel like ive missed out on something when the animation to give you experience start but your 20 so nothing. Even though i havent.

I always though it was strange you hit cap as a player long before you cap out your team.


Yes this is what was saying thank you.

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