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Level difference should be considered progressively more for the calculation of trophies gain/loss

Currently, I notice some people are using super high level Einiasuchus eg lv 28 while their overall team level is much lower than that eg ~ lv 22.

Due to the system takes also rarity into account of the calculation of trophies gain/loss, I’d gain only 2x when winning and loss 30+ when losing, while I have a team with overall level much lower ~lv 20 - 22.

I find it quite unfair, since we all know that rarity doesn’t equal power level (prime example Miragaia, Proce, Rat, all of them can be stronger than creatures having higher rarity than them).

Besides, I believe devs promoted / suggested players to have a more balanced level / boosted team.

But at the moment, the trophies gain/loss doesn’t reflect that much differences even they have a much higher level creature than their other members.

As a result, people using much higer leveled but low rarity creatures are gaining more trophies and losing less even though they face a team with an overall lower level.

Hence I suggest the ratio of level differences should be calculated progressively more if one’s team is not somewhat balanced in their level / boosts distribution. It would make the trophy gain/loss much reasonable and fair for all.


well a lvl 28 eniasuchus have an average value of a lvl 22 of anything else so i don’t really see the threat here

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I don’t agree. It has a threat of level 28.

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Hope you are being listened to carefully and the Devs are writing down your suggestions right now. This needs to be fixed now please

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