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Level increase

When are we going to see an increase in player level cap and Dino level cap?


I certainly hope we do at some point. If dinosaurs had more levels it might help even out the issues in the Arena a bit better.


Exactly what I was thinking

I’m sure some players are at equivalent player level 40+ by now, even with an exponential progression rate.

With the amount of level up’s I have done since reaching 30th, I can certainly believe that I’m close to that. But I think dinosaur max level needs an increase rather than player level.

The game was designed with level 30 as the final level. It would be cost/DNA prohibitive to add more levels. The rate at which they increase is exponential as you get to level 30. Here is a chart of Common DNA required to level up. Rare, Epic, Legendary, Unique and coin cost are all similar.
EDIT: Yeah, I put the incorrect DNA step numbers in for total. See below.


Exactly. Increasing the levels will put the players at an almost impossible goal to reach due to the exponential growth needed. When players meet such a rediculous goal, they will feel like they will never achieve it and feel they can never be competitive anymore…which will result in the dominance of pay to win players and many players quitting the game…basically like whats happening now with the introduction on the pay to win Boosts. This proposal will for sure give the final blow to this game and kill it permanently


You can always buy extra levels in the form of stat boosts

Hmmm… I would push for level 31.
That would solve all speed ties until I hit n00blar sh0res.

They would increase boost caps before level caps.

Speaking of boost caps… I wonder how they will introduce Crit and armor boosts. 30 Tiers (or current creature level) is not enough to make sales of them as profitable as now. With the constant sales I would think many users have maxx boosted their main teams by now. Users might be hesitant to lose 50% of what they currently have applied to purchase the new boosts. What to do?

How about two catagories of boosts? Boosts 3.0 will go with a reset, which users have called for with each release. Make them all happy. Then, introduce Offensive and Defensive boost categories! Crit, Damage and Speed will be the new Offensive and Armor and Health will be in the defensive category! Max of 30 tiers in each one! Users will now have double the amount of boosts they can apply!!

Get back in your delorean, hit 88mph, and don’t spoil the future of this game doc :upside_down_face:

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My worry about crit/armor boosts is the headache if they don’t increase the boost cap to accommodate. I only want to redo my boosts once to retain as many as possible which means I’d have to wait for the peeps with sims to see if they work out… But they could also change the meta at the same time as introduction which could severely delay sim results. In hindsight I’m thinking static armor boosts may be a better value than the RNG aspect of crits. But I’m notorious for being wrong.

The graph really makes it look like a level increase is not possible. But the graph would look more reasonable if prepared by plotting incremental Coins or DNA rather than cumulative.

My guess is that if ever, the level caps may increase after Jurassic World 3. Superhybrids and a new rarity beyond unique may also be created. For all we know (though I doubt it), JW3 may introduce a hybrid beyond the Indoraptor.
I was going to say Ludia may steel themselves before the release just in case that’s what happens, but then I realize the I-Rex and Indoraptor are really all their movies consist of. If Hybrid Phase 3 is coming, Ludia and the rest of the world will know well in advance because it’ll be in every trailer.


To compare with Unique but not as many data points.

Trevarou has already said that there won’t be any new hybrids. JW3 focuses purely on the escaped dinosaurs.


If you were referring to DNA increase per step for each individual level:


A level increase would ultimately lead to bigger problems then less problems…

You already have a top of the ladder problem with not enough fish in the pond… so some drop to farm effeciently. Some of those guys have had max level teams for longer then a year. So they could most certainly add atleast a few levels quickly. This would further spread out the issues with this games match making. Not every team at 30 has been their for a year. So the top 200 or so would fight themselves out of competition.

The bottom 300 would either have to fight them with lower level teams or fight lower level teams themselves. And more would drop. To get better matches.

The bigger issue right now is like 5% of this games population is in library or above. Ludias insistence to maintain the grind is detrimental to the growth of this game. Now im not saying more st patricks day is the answer… but smaller increases like upping the amount of dna people get per incubator in avairy… then increase library even more then that. Allow for more ways to target specific dna. Moving the people at 25+ up closer to 30 at an accelerated rate… will open the log jam that is avairy.

More players= better chance at match making and when the only thing those new 30 players need to worry about is boosts level they might actually buy them. And increased dna gain would increase demand for coins.

Cause we have right now is there sticking a level 24 vs a lvl 28 that also has a boost advantage with the hope the 24 buys incubators, coins and boosts but the result is the 24 just feels defeated and avoids the arena.