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Level low gear?

I’m wondering the best strategy here. Are y’all leveling all the low level gear you get to raise your character max or saving $$$ for higher level gear. I’m split right now because I have such a coin shortage and my campaign is impossible to beat at current level. So I’m basically waiting on free and battle chests to be able to play campaign again. Currently sitting at an average of level 5. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I always level epic gear as soon as I can, rare gear if I’m using it, and common gear if I’m close to a level, or when I was using it. my suggestion would be to score some free gems from tapjoy and save up for 10K gold for 500 gems. or buy 1K gold for 60 gems if you are close to a level. sometimes you just have to wait for some better gear to do the campaign.


My current thinking is that I prioritise the equipment I’m wearing first and then only upgrade the common gear when I need experience for leveling up


I am trying to prioritize the rare gear my band got, but sometimes the temptation is to high to level some old rag they are still wearing. (And I admit that I sometimes let some of them use an old leveled common item instead of a rare equivalent, just because some cool effect it has)

there are a few common items that have better abilities than rare, so in some cases they are worth using. eventually you upgrade lots of things you don’t want, just to get character levels and renown levels

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That’s a good strategy maybe I’ll try to work the gem system to see if it gets me over this hump.

But yeah overall it seems like most people just sticking with the higher level gear. Then maybe leveling the smaller stuff for a few points there. Thanks guys I appreciate the help.

Keep an eye on tapjoy, there’s a good few rewards there. I got 2000 odd gems for playing another game and it broke the early levelling. Hitting the equipment wall now.