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A few weeks ago I started working on getting a better lineup and I think some tournament dinos could help. I think the easiest one for me to get at the moment would be Metriacanthosaurus who is this months CoT dino. I am currently at level 58 so I only need a few more levels to be able to participate. I’m just looking for suggestions for ways I can level up quickly. Thanks!


What mission are you currently on?

How is your coin production?

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I’m currently on this mission:

And I’m working on my coin production:

But it’s a pretty solid 500,000 coins a hours I think. Probably more. I’ll do a test and see. Also, I just realized that I can get Park Oases’s now that I’m level 58 so I’m starting to get some of those.


I’m not sure how much xp oasis will reward you, and there cost is pretty much what you say you make an hour.

Doing this and plus the missions you might make it to 60 with enough time to spare for COT, really you need to reach 60 in 2 weeks time at minimum for this to happen, you might be able to work this out whether it is doable or not but I would mainly push for the missions as I think they are quite easy for where your currently at, take a look at the spreadsheet for the missions and you can plan ahead with what resources you need.

Also incase you didnt know you can put away old buildings and place them down and it will count towards your place xxx building missions.


Also to add to the mission your currently on, grab more alanqas they are relatively cheap and will help you complete the mission your on quicker


Ok. Apparently I’m making just under 300,000 coins an hour. Much less than I thought but as I said, I’m working on it.

I would say try to get creatures that can grind coin quickly and surround them with geysers or fountains if you have the coins and level. With using this strat to make coins I can now make around 5 million a day.

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Then get tons of John Hammon statues

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Common hybrids are good candidates to surround with decoration right? I have a level 40 alangasaurus that I could do that with

  • park expansions
  • buying AFs or other decorations that reward you with decent exp
  • doing missions
    As for the decorations, I’d say surround all your dinos with trike statues. For now. Once you collect more money, replace 'em with JH statues.
    Although I don’t know if they’re better than park oasises. You’d need to ask someone more experienced in park building.
    Considering that you have enough space in your park, you can build a coin trap. Common hybrids are good for that, but just put in any dino that makes the most money in your park.

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