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Level Requirements for Raids?

…It pains me to be the bad guy to propose this because I detest such requirements. However, I notice it’s possible to beat Apex raids with relatively low-level dinosaurs. We’re talking newborn Tryostronix for Hadros Lux or, according to some absolute geniuses that I look up to, even lower-level rares or epics.

This means that theoretically, newer players can get Apex dinosaurs before they get their first uniques. Which is brilliant, really. I’m still nervous because that could really throw a wrench into matchmaking for the next generation(s) of players, which could jeopardize the longevity of this game.

I did not post this under Suggestions because I was hoping the community could talk this this down & say “come on, how many lower-level players are really going to make this happen 25-30 times before they get level 23+ uniques?” Do y’all think this is a valid concern, or should we just slide this back under the rug & see what happens?

I’m thinking this could be fixed by making higher raid difficulties require higher-level players. You may need to be level 20 to take on an Apex raid, for instance. This would mean that by the time you hatch a Mortem, you’re already around that arena level anyway.

There’s been at least one really low-level player who admittedly terrorised the arena with a boosted Mortem Rex recently. They stopped because it was understandably not much fun after a while, wrecking teams when they drew the Apex and getting wrecked when they didn’t. The number will only increase, and I think it’s a valid concern. Don’t forget that there’s stuff like boosted Championship Uniques in the Badlands too.

I think one solution is to have a rarity or level (or both) cap on the lower arenas. This would also discourage droppers.

I think Apexes (Apices?) shouldn’t come into the picture until Aviary at least.


Mortems down there already? Yep, to the suggestion box :joy:

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This is a sentence

but my strategy is to not to the arenas until im good so if there are rarity caps and lvl caps i wont be able to advance when i become pro

I think that everyone should have the possibility of obtaining the best creatures in the game, the only thing I would impose is a level limit so that they can appear in the pvp arenas, but why would they have to wait years and years to use certain creatures, For example, I have not yet unlocked Ardentismaxima, but I am not complaining about that, the only thing I complain about is that when I go to unlock it it is not the same creature that it was before update 2.1 with which many obtained victories with the statistics that that creature had before and that now those who are going to unlock them are not going to use it with immunities or with the 15 armor that it had at the time, that is not fair for the newest, or that is fair if this is a mobile game, and the creators are the ones who set and impose the rules of the game.
Take it or leave it it’s that simple, I think we all have the right to want to have what others have, whether we are old or new players, we all deserve a chance.

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You would be able to advance, you just wouldn’t be able to use all of your strongest creatures in the lower arenas. You’d have to use less-powerful ones first and then add stronger ones as you climb. Perhaps it could be like Epic raids where you can use your high-level creatures, but in a lower-level form.

if all creatures could eventually be given stats for lvs 1-30 that would be great. then those soft lv caps on arenas could become a thing, allowing the use of higher rarity creatures, but at an acceptable power range for where they are fighting at.


I completely agree you should get mortem or Hardos when you are a higher level are in a higher arena because like you said it will be unfair

I dont care if new player get his apex or not , anyway i will have my own too, but if u want use that argument, prob they have excuse to remove uniques rewards from monthly incubator or rare events when u can darts uniques because a new player also should not have uniques.
Anyway is more likely all future morten low lvl players get stuck in a bottle neck , wanting to enter a new arena, so everything will return to normal.:grimacing:


Yeah @TheProC is the king of these “underleveled player beats Apex raids”. Technically all you need for Mortem is a level 1 sloth and good friends (or alt accounts), so it is absolutely possible for Apexes to start terrorizing the lower arenas. This needs to be addressed, at some point. Maybe doing a level cap for each arena (reducing a creatures level rather then outright banning it, as @Qiew described) or banning only Apexes below Aviary (because higher rarity hybrids still take a long time to obtain, although with raids that may be changing) could be possible solutions.


Sometimes it sucks to be high level. People expect me to carry not be carried, it would be fun to try out some of those

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Someone has Apexes below Aviary? What, I am barely over half way done. Anyone in the forums? A level cap would be very helpful and prevent droppers from existing. Having a full team of uniques won’t help as much if they’re all level 10

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Yup. You can probably find who it was if you search.


If someone should unlock Mortem Rex early on all I can say is well done. If they use her and fly up the Arena levels then they will get to the correct plateau point for that team. I don’t see an issue.

Yes true, but the problem is why would people go to higher arenas just to get blasted to oblivion everytime they don’t draw Mortem. Most people would stay in the lower arenas so that the game isn’t just a spin wheel. Even if they are destroying teams in their arena you can’t really blame them. That’s the problem with unlocking Mortem early, if you have it on your team the games going to be much less fun. Because you would either be one-shotting teams, or getting one-shotted. The only real option to prevent this is benching Mortem. I don’t think anyone would do that

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I concur but if they unlock her then it’s up to them if they play her.

Yeah, someone does. And even if not, it’s been well proven that it’s possible, so it needs to be addressed. It is true that having a team full of uniques won’t be especially helpful if they’re underleveled, but this is exactly the point. The biggest problem of unlocking Uniques or Apexes early is not their movesets as much as them simply being a far higher level than anything else a low level player has on their team. Having a sort of level cap would allow low level players to use every dino they owned, without overleveled dinos breaking the lower arenas. The difficulty is choosing where and how much to cap levels. I’ve seen people with several legendaries on their teams as low as Mt. Sibo, so where should each level cap be?

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i don’t think the issue is the rarity of the dino, but as you said, the great power imbalance you get with a lv 21 on teams of lv 15s.

I’ve also seen people say the if we add lv caps, how are they supposed to improve and move up?
A. unlock better creatures (via rarity or just better for what you need)
B. improve your battle strategy
C boosts.

if you unlock a unique in an arena that lv caps to 12 (random number) if Ludia would give stats for it from 1-30 instead of 21-30, you would still be able to use that creature. Its stats will be capped at lv 12 for that arena, but it still would be a big power increase compared to the rest of the average team in that arena. you will more than likely move up the ladder, but there wouldn’t be as much win if i draw and loose if i don’t going around.


I was agreeing with you lol. It was rhetorical. The people with several legendaries in Sibo? Droppers, kick them, unfriend them, do whatever with them. It’s a jerk move to use such high level creatures in lower arenas. That is what leads to frustrating loss streaks among most players. Unless someone actually earned the legendaries in those low arenas(Most people don’t) they should be punished. It is not fun to lower level players to face of against Indoms in Sibo. Rant ends. Anyways, The level cap should probably be dependent on what most players would be at at that point(Obvious I know). Here is what I think:

Fallen Kingdom : Level 5
Mt.Sibo : Level 11
S.S.Arcadia : Level 13
Nublar Jungles : Level 16
Badlands : Level 18
Sorna Marshes : Level 20
Jurassic Ruins : Level 22
Lockwood Estate : Level 24
Avairy : Level 26
Lockwood Library : Level 28
Gyroshere : Level 30
Nublar Shores : Level 30

Gotta make a thread on this lol
Also found the person who unlocked Mortem, not in avairy, not in Estate, not in Ruins, But in Sorna Marshes. Sorna-Frickin-Marshes! It is @DinosaursRCool who unlocked it. Apparently in his first account, this was all stated here in post 240 or something. Man I feel like a stalker now

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