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Level the playing field

So I’m talking about raids.
Apex are taking over the arenas and from aviary upwards most battles you play you will face at least one of the big four.
Problem I have is that raids are so buggy that more often than not I can’t get one started!
Friends list shows blank or players don’t receive invites.
Then there’s the issue of not receiving invites that players send to me! I’m not a massive fan of the apex meta but it sure would be nice to at least having the option of unlocking and playing one or two of them.
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only player with these issues.
I can only hope that the raid bugs are dealt with in the forthcoming update!

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It’s been fixed already 4 or 5 updates ago. It’s extremely rare not to receive invites these days. Contact list not loading in the lobby is most of the time an internet connection issue. Switch to cellular data or WiFi and that might fix it.