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Level to kill the dragon?

I made it to the dragon with my lv 8 team after playing the game for about 3 weeks since installation (evenings/weekend only).
I have spent a little money (<20 $) but enjoyed myself. Team is war, cleric, mage, ranger, mostly epic gear except when common/rare is better.
The dragon breath weapon killed all the toons except the warrior in the first round.
What level is needed to get the kill? Think the dragon was lv 15

I had omitted to play the Explore for a while until I got the final character, so he could join in on the quick xp and loot from these explore nodes. I think I took down the Harvestshield Dragon with all lvl 10 characters… At this moment (team of level 10 and a half :grinning:) I can get 2 dice on the Harvestshield Mountain challenge…

You just need one character to survive the initial fire breath to beat the Dragon. I can show you how to dance with Dragons in a little bit.

Edit: Done, see this thread: A Dance with Dragons: retsamerol's step-by-step guide dancing with Argathakul

Remember if you beat the dragon and finish Harvestshield then that will become your new free challenge. You may want to put it off until it doesn’t seem as hard or you’ll be struggling with the free challenge just as much.

For previous challenges the boss would be the hard part. For Harvestshield the problem is not the boss it is the enemies. If I can get to the boss he is toast, but fighting enemies 5 levels above me makes it impossible.