Level up Allosinosaurus or create Utasinoraptor?

I never see sinoceratops in the wild so am using my attempts on him. I acquired Allosinosaurus last time Sinoceratops was part of event. He is a level 16. Should I level up Allosinosaurus or should I create Utasinoraptor?? What do those find most beneficial?? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Utah is nice. I think in the new meta he can be effective. I haven’t put him in because I am using spino and suchatator. I was finally able to create allosino’s unique hybrid today. Check him out. This may help you decide. https://youtu.be/XBCd6RrRrrg


Awesome. Im on my way too.Got my first fuse today on Thor. But ran out of Allosaurus.Ofcourse a 10 lol. I like his stats. Plus I need a cruncher on my team.

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