Level up confirmation

Could we please have some kind of confirmation message appear when we level up dinos. Just accidentally hit level up and lost 20k coins on a dino. Thank you

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Yeah that would be good. Can’t believe I Miss clicked :weary:

I’ve always feared miss-tapping, and some sort of protection against it would be very welcomed. I’d rather suffer tiresome over miss-tapping.

Should be some kind of reward for leveling up. Not just a reward for Ludia.

I did that on Kentrosaurus - I now have a level 16 one when I could have had Ankyntrosaurus - not seen one in the wild since :rage:


I agree, I’m so afraid of missclicking every time when I scroll down info till its hybrid.

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That is a good idea. When your getting things up to 20, a miss click can cost you 50K.

I would like that extra [OK to Evolve] button especially when I have 66 of my dino’s that could be leveled.

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Have I accidentally leveled up a dino I didnt want to level up.

Until today.

Set my phone down on the table to microwave some food, come back to see this done to my Velociraptor.

Seriously, we need a confirm button!

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Ouch!! That’s like 40 raptors worth of DNA
(on top of the :moneybag:) :grimacing:

I’m sorry for your loss bro :pray:t4:

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get that bad boy up to like level 27 and use um :grin:

Thank you for the support :disappointed_relieved:


Well if its on your team its not a total loss since you won’t have to worry about the level 20 raptor mirror matches…but as you made this thread im guessing its NOT.

So in that case im sorry for your loss!

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I’m curious to know how you have a before and after image of your raptor 5 minutes apart said slip up.
Coincidence may haps?

We’ve all been there before though. It sucks.


I’ve done it too… Sucks! There does need to be confirm buttons for stuff like this and opening incubators when ones already opening.

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Have done this too many times just think you got a fair amount of xp for it at least silver lining on every cloud

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I did the same thing to the same creature. Luckily it was from 18 to 19, and sooner or later I will level it to 20 to make Indoraptor.

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Damn, I would break down and cry. Hope you find many raptors in your future.

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I’ve done it. Also bought an incubator I didnt want. We do need a confirm button.

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I can see that happening to me one day…