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Level up dragons more effective

Hy there, I have a question for technical team or colege, I want to know if I have for example a tootles of 3 star max and I want to trim him to 4 stars I need another totles, my question is I I manege to rise the second tootles to 3 stars max too and then combine him with the first one, the tootles 4 stars will be stronger ? Or it will be the seme If i trained with an 1 star tootles?

If you traina dragon with an already trained dragon, you get a smidge more exp, but. NOt what you put in. It is very inefficient and a waste of resources

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I was thinking it will be a good diference in atack defense skill … But if not, yep you are write it’s a waste

There’s no difference in stats if you use a baby or a maxed dragon as “sacrifice” for training. Don’t waste your resources.


I think it’s the same thing with levelling up a normal, usual dragon. If you raise the babies to adults, you waste scales and fish. If you just use babies, though, perhaps the levelling up costs a tad higher in fish, but your scales are still there, and your dragon does get levelled up. Also, using a trained anything - any dragon of any breed - to level up another does not get the other fully levelled up. It’s a waste of time and resources, not at all practical, never do it period, unless the trained dragon you are exchanging training points for another is completely a waste of space and either need its space vacant (but to earn from it at the same time) or you desperately need to boost up a good dragon for your basic team but have exhausted the means to do so.