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Level Up Finally


Finally, I level up my level 10 Ranger to level 11, since the “gold and glory” update a few days ago, and other level 10 characters are getting close.
So is 1 month of game play too much? I don’t think that is, for an IAP game, it is either pay to play or spend a lot of time on grinding to be fair. However, I didn’t spend a dime for this level up, here is how.

  1. Level up need GP. Not just from leveling up gears, it needs 3500 GP to “upgrade” from level 10 to level 11.
  2. Unlike other people, I didn’t gear level up everything I get, I only level up Epic items or very useful common/rare items.
  3. Play a lot, I even had the GP to buy a Legendary item from Durnan at 40000 GP (Ranger Wonderous item Bracers of Archery - 20% get Fury (attack same target twice) at start of turn).
  4. I did mainly “Frostsilver mines” (before the split) and “Hidden Forge” after, I can only clear room 10 (second boss) so I only get D6 and D12.
  5. However, clearing now the “Hidden Forge” and get up to D12, in fact I have a ~30% chance to get an Epic item, which, most of the Epic items are better than their Common/Rare counter parts.
  6. To get GP, you should prioritize loots in this order:
    EPIC > GEM > GP > Common / Rare.
    EPIC is the gear to use, so keep them all to level up, unless you have to sell them for GP, and do sell them if there is a chance.
    GEM can be traded for GP, if you trade GEM at 60 GEM to 1000 GP, 9 gem is of same value as 150 GP, however, if you can stock up to trade at 500GEM:10000 GP, you get more, so value 9GEM over 150 GP when picking loot.
    Common / Rare gears you can only sell ~1/10th of what you have, so 150 common items is not equal to 750 GP but rather 75 GP only.
  7. Some Common / Rare items to keep:
    Cleric: Common head item Moon’s Circlet - heal/3 turns is faster, almost no down time with regeneration (Epic sub item) and Epic weapon Saint’s touch. Common boot item Moon’s steps is also an effective heal item but sometimes the Epic boots Moonfall’s steps might be better, if you can get them up to level 3.
    Wizard: Her head common item Rashemi hood, deal more damage at level 10 than Epic at level 5 or Rare at level 7. Rare main weapon Staff of Icy touch target 3 at level 7 which you need Epic wand of Lightning bolts at Lv 3 to match. Rare sub weapon Arcance Manual deal 3 attacks, which could all be on same target (like boss fight) rather than Epic Ancient Tome that target all once (with a longer cool down).
    Ranger: Common head gear Ranger’s hood deal more damage at level 9 with special (125%x3) versus a single target, than Epic Winter’s hood (1 zone). Rare sub item Mammoth Fur is also good since it gives back a free turn.
    Warlock: Rare melee weapon has lifedrain, which could reduce the pressure on cleric healing.
  8. I also cleared Argathakul in story mode which opened the option to play its challenge but only able to get d6 is not a good return, so I am sticking to Hidden Forge for now.