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Level Up Gradually (3-digit Levels) And Fixed Fuse


How about gradually level up dinos?

Instead of touching FUSE FUSE FUSE FUSE FUSE and then finally touch CREATE to level an hybrid from level 16 to 17, and upgrade health and damage… each FUSE could upgrade them a proportional value. And ABANDON random fuse value, a criticized system. And additionally, allow other feature well requested from gamers here: remove DNA from a element dino (when fusing hybrids).


VELOCIRAPTOR LEVEL 140 (now we have 3 digits level)
health 1086 | damage 736

to level it to 150 (old level 15) we need now 2500 DNA and 8000 coins.
so health increase by 55 (to 1141) and damage by 35 (771)

instead of collecting 2500 DNA to finally level up and pay 8000 coins, we could now choose level it up by 1/10 of total increase, using 1/10 total dna required. and same way, pay 1/10 of coins.

let’s go back to velo. we collected 150 dna. nothing happens yet. next darting we got more 150, reaching total of 300 DNA. now we can upgrade VELOCIRAPTOR by 1/10 using 250 of dna collected and leave 50 dna waiting for next 1/10. a designed progress bar can easily show this using correct measure and colors.
working with lab UI, we have many options to make this happen, the FUSE button we have without changing, but it should now fuse 1/10 each touch (bad for many DNA accumulated), or mini buttons to select ammount of DNA we’d like to fuse at once (locking to not allow more than possible, of course), etc.

with this scenario, now after this “MINI-FUSE” we have:

health 1092 (rounded) | damage 740 (rounded)
DNA used = 150, DNA saved for next upgrade = 50. (out of 300 collected today).
coins used = 800 (1/10 of 8000 as mentioned above).

then let’s go to hybrids:

INDOMINUS REX LEVEL 160 (just unlocked)
health 2579 | damage 780

after T-REX and VELO reach level 15, INDOM now has FUSE button available each time elements have required DNA collected (and not fused for itselves) for minimum 1/10 INDOM fuse.

T-REX level 150 with 70 dna collected (waiting to fuse up to level 152).
VELOCIRAPTOR level 150 with 500 dna collected (waiting to fuse up to level 151)

so INDOMINUS shows option to fuse using elements DNA collected. touch FUSE (let’s forget if simple button or option to select ammount for now) and voilá:

health 1115 (rounded) | damage 744 (rounded)
DNA fused = 10, DNA saved for next upgrade = 0. (no more randoms here).
coins used = 1500 (1/10 of 15000).

T-REX now is still level 150 but lost 50 dna and now has 20.
VELO now is still level 150 but lost all 500 dna.

if we want to work around the other feature: remove DNA from dino that already was upgraded.
If T-REX and VELO was leveled up using their DNAs, INDOMINUS shows option to fuse removing used elements dna. Of course, not allowing to remove below minimum level required. And, if mixed situations like some dna not used and some used to remove, simply shows how much will be used+removed to gamer decide.

Ludia’s people interested for profit… will love the option to remove used dna to fusing hybrids, and not refund coins hahahahahahaha!

if it sounds complicated, it’s about deciding rules, calculations and design…

but the main idea is gradually level up dinos and have imediate use in arena for that 200 dna collected last darting. and finally abandon random fuse number (just Ludia decide how many total coins it costs and lets go fuse).

about speed indicators? well… i think yes, level 151 should be faster than 150. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: