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Level up my Eudimorphodon?

Hi, guys, this is some from my actual lineup:

I just realized, I can level up eudimorphodon to level 40 and get my first VIP level 40. But i am not sure if i shoud level him up now. I usually level up my vips when i have least 3 or 4 of same types (Pterosaurs, carnivores etc) on same level, to make sure i have some on that level, who stay in my lineup on this place. I really look forward on my first level 40 VIP. But i dont have any others pterosaurs with similar stats like my two Eudi, and also maybe I wouldn’t have enough pterosaurs for events, that could make trouble to me. Pterosaur line:

So mi question is: Should I get mi eudimorphodon to max level, or continue on my strategy, to wait for getting enough of each types on each level, which also makes my team a little balanced?

I personally would not level it up until you have considerable more creatures at the same current level. You’re only showing pteros here but personally I wouldn’t have even made the level 30’s yet with what you currently have, as the lvl 20’s make such good tournament creatures, so having a deep bench of those is really nice and gives you more flexibility in how much work is needed to complete tournaments, or if you need to miss a day and have to catch up. And I didn’t want to push my level higher too quickly and end up with really hard PvEs the same time as tournaments that I couldn’t complete. So once my bench was deep enough that I could easily do both at the same time and often still have creatures left over, that was when I knew I was good to start leveling everything up more.

It just depends what your priorities are. Some players really want to get the lvl 40s made right away and don’t care if they can’t complete all the events. That’s up to you to decide.

Thats exactly what I do. I am trying to keep my teams flexibility via víp and have enough from each type, on each level. And I still continue in max every single creature in game, without speed ups - Actualy I work on leveling up “normal” legendaries. :slight_smile: If you want se my actual complete lineup here you go. My land lineup gets around 500 points per run in tournament. So in this Indomimus 2 tournament, that was a first time i tryed just one run per day before sleep and it was enough for win in dominator. And i was spend just around 1000 - 2000 buck, that make me very happy, how good is my team now

I would work on deepening your bench to where you can do that without spending any DBs at all. I personally have never used DBs on CDs ever. Try keeping about the same numbers of what you currently have for tournaments and deepening the number at the lvl 30s before leveling up those higher. Keep in mind that each bump up in evolution halves your numbers while essentially doubling the cooldown time, so is almost like cutting what you can use in fourths. I still haven’t moved any of my VIPs to level 40 even though I’ve got a bunch of Indoraptors, and tournament hybrids, because of how big an impact it has in how much use you get out of them, and they’re more than strong enough for my needs where they are now.

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I find my level 30 VIP creatures incredibly useful. The Eudimorphodon is very well balanced in health/attack, and at level 30 it’s still only a 12hr or so cooldown. A sub 12hr cooldown means for a tournament you could use it twice a day easily. This assumes you have your priorities right. :upside_down_face:


Yeah, there’s such a big difference when you jump from that 12 hour time frame to a single use per day. Particularly if you often don’t get around to playing until later at night… and then they still haven’t finished CD when you go to use them the next day. I have enough other creatures with long CDs, don’t need to add a bunch of VIPs to the list!

You re both right. I will continue in this strategy. I added two indomimus rex gen 2 to incubator before while, and i am going to get him to level 11, in that level his stats should be similar to balanced level 20 vips. Same as i keep my Megaarcheon on level 1, bec his stats pased to my current lineup. I don’t have many creatures with a significantly long cooldown yet, but I’m afraid of how I’ll handle events when that happens

To be honest, I don’t use my level 30 I-Rex herd or the pile of level 21 gorgosuchus as much as I could just due to cool down time. They usually get saved for daily events.

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Level 40 is a pain as it’s over 24 hour cool down. Before the super hybrid it was the only 4k plus pet. But now you have a level 20 option. Build out your bench.