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Level up my Majundasuchus?


So here is the team I’m playing with. My Nodopatosaurus (accidental level 16) and Stegoceratops (16) are in and out of the team on my mood.

I recently got a good load of DNA for Majungasaurus and Nundasuchus

Is it worth spending to level up my Majundasuchus further 1 level? She has always been a part of my team, and I’ve learned to use her well. But I don’t know how much difference that 1 level will make and if it is worth spending so much on her.

Tell me what you guys think.


I like that Dino, mine is up to 17 too. If you like it and use it well I say go for it!


My Majunda is lv27, here’s my quote:

  1. Its status grown up slow, so if you got Majunda into lv20 or higher level, you’ll notice damage seems weak, also couldn’t survive for long time.

  2. Actually Megalosuchus is a stronger version of Majunda, with almost the same move set and totally better stats The only special point Majunda get is self-cleanse attack.

Yeah, clearly Megalosuchus is better, but Megalosaurus doesn’t spawn around my place, so I choose keep the Majunda in my team. Because mine is 6 levels higher than my Megalo.


I knew that @Tarbosaurus will post his suggestion here! :heart_eyes:

@DinoMan to see this, check here:

I think we cannot ignore that, with counter attack plus the weakest attack, a lev 18 Majungasuco can give 1218 damage… just to compare, for example, with a brand new lev 16 Stegodeo with her armor piercing rampage 1266 dmg but cooldown 1 turn.

Plus swapping a dino for your Majungasuco cannot give to your opponent a free hit, seen her counter attack, thus Maju is a good option, until creating new and / or stronger legendaries.

This is the right question, and it can be answered just by you :sweat_smile: If you don’t mind to “waste” coins on a creature that won’t be used in the upper arena, or you don’t have in the near future a stronger creature to level up, then…
But, in your shoes, I would keep fusing for 20 coins each, to gain experience to go to your lev 12 and not evolving her to lev 18.

Hope this helps to think about it and take the right decision on your style of play.


It’s the best advice one can give, with nice explanations. :+1:

A lot of dino are more than playable and the level really matters. If you have an utterly common dino around you, you can take advantage of it to create an overleveled dino. That’s what happen with stegodeus in lot of teams because its components are relatively commons (and the dino is a beast).

This is a good things because it means you can overlevel your prefered dino if you want and it will perform (as long as it stays overleveled) :smile:

You can know there is better option for your team but if it’s underleveled it will underperform…


I used to play with my majundasuchus lvl17 and just switched him for rajassaurus and he is pretty good
More hp and ight %critical hit ratio + increase %crit ratio move by 60% and long shield its beautifull to see :wink:
Majunda still god dont forge hes ferocious strike also boost is passive damage but the chield duration is low he could get a buff around 200-300hp