Level up offer mis-selling


I’ve been enjoying the game so far and figured what the heck, I just got a reward at work, I’ll treat myself to the level up prize for once. So I did. One-off offer for 3x the prize? Sure. Paid the £4.59, opened it…

…and it wasn’t 3x, at all. It was 1x.

If I’d known it was £4.59 just for a bit of DNA and 500 cash, I wouldn’t have bothered. Bit of a rip-off to be honest, bordering on mis-selling. :confused:
Don’t advertise something as 3x the value if it isn’t going to be. Wish I could give back the prize and get money back instead now. :roll_eyes:


Its saying 3x value because the cost is reduced to 1/3 of normal. I can see how some not used to phone game transactions would be confused though. They are just as bout all like this tbh.


The DNA, coins and cash would normally have cost you 3x more than you paid.

However, I do think it should explain the amount of cash and coins you get in addition to the amount of DNA though for better transparency.

I bought the level 7 deal for £18.99 GBP and was expecting to get a ton of DNA but got a lot of cash instead (and less DNA than I was hoping for).