Level Up or Hybridize?


I’m finding myself hamstrung lately in the Sorna Marshes with dinos I’ve been holding at lvl15 (stegoceratops, Ouranosaurus, ect. as I’m saving up their DNA for hybridizing higher hybrids such as Monostego or megalosuchus (not leveling up Gorgosushus either).

Am I playing too much of the long game or are others taking this approach?


Lol if you mean long by like waiting a year then nah that’s crazy… every other day Ludia is creating more Dino’s.

If you mean a few weeks then go for it. Personally I never made mono. I just leveled my stego up and up and now at level 25 I have no complaints. Yes there are times I come across a level 22 monostego but oh well… I did what I could… legitimate chances of you finding all those epics is very slim.

Think practical also… it’s just a game. Will you really be playing this in a year’s time?


I was thinking longer game in the sense of a couple months. I already was able to fuse Monostego as an example, but now i either keep leveling him up for level my Stegoceratops. That is the philosophical question I had.

At the beginning i decided to save up lower teir DNA (such as Stegoceratops is an epic, but Monostego is legendary). Was curious what others strategy is.


Well you only have two strategies to be honest…

  1. Catch what you can and just level them up and we’ll battle.

  2. Get to the basic level you need and then wait till you have enough to create hybrids.

This kind of then leads on to my third point which is prioritise epics and then create legendaries… there more powerful. Play either way . Just have fun lol


I’d definitely level stegoceratops. I held off so I could create and level monostegotops and tbh it’s not that great.


I agree about Monosteg, I was really excited to unlock him, but other than going against a modest level IRex he is kind of worthless unless you get him up to higher levels, but the Monolophosaurus is hard to come by in my neck of the woods.

To be honest, though Monosteg has won me some battles by de-cloaking IRex


Following the recent update, he has been buffed. If you get him to nullify, he can remove positives and cloaks etc… Leaves you kind of exposed. I hate mono… hate hate hate lol

P.S - I’m fine :slight_smile:


I think he’s good in the sense that he has two nullifying moves … so if you use it and they haven’t hit cloak yet you still have another one :innocent:


I’m in the same boat as OP… some of my guys I’m debating about what to do with… do I push Utahraptor to 15 or keep sinking his DNA into Spinotahraptor?

Utahraptor was a staple on my team, my only raptor in my lineup… and I replaced him with Spinotahraptor… but I don’t use Spinotahraptor as often as I think I should.

Is Utasinoraptor any good? Should I stop putting DNA into Spinotahraptor and save it to level Utahraptor up to 15 and invest it in Utasinoraptor? My Sinoceratops is only level 12 and I don’t see him all that much in the wild.


That’s another one I struggle with as well. For instance I have no problem leveling up IRex because he is awesome and the hybrid at lvl 20 (IRaptor) is awesome. But when I get him to Level 20 do I really waste his DNA on leveling him up or go to full on IRaptor?


Mono is crap compared to stego in my oponion


Oh there he is, I’ve been having to argue with people myself all day :roll_eyes:


…Oponion :sob::sob::sob:




Nope, I’m doing the same. Monostegotops is a great Indominus counter.


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Your partner in crime is back


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