Level up shambles


It’s an absolute shambles that when you go up a level, the cash cost of incubators goes up.
At level 8 it was 3000 and at level 9 it’s now 3170.

How is going up a level justifying an extra 170 cash?
Ludia are a disgrace when it comes to money grabbing and cheating the users


I think its because as you level up the incubators have different dinosaurs available that are more difficult to get at lower levels. I haven’t paid that close of attention to it so I dont know for sure, but I also think that you get more DNA per incubator because it now takes more DNA to level dinos up.


Definitely not.
If so it’s marginally gone up, still does not justify add I g that much cash.

And no matter what level it’s still pot luck what you get… don’t get better dinos cos you’re higher level


When you level up, your incubator levels up as well, hence you will get more DNAs from the incubator (the ones you buy or the 12-hour and 24-hour ones you get from arena), so the price goes up because of the increase DNAs you will get.
I think other games also have this kind of level up treatment. I’ve played Clash royale and it is the same.