Level up Stegoceratops?


I already have a 19 level Stegoceratops and got enough DNA to level up to 20. Also I wanted to create legendary: Monostegotops. But, I am short of 150 DNA to even make Monolophosarus to level 15. And I hardly(once in a month or may be less) find a Mono guy at the locality I roam.

So should I wait for Mono guy to become level 15 and up, and save Stegoceratops’ DNA to create my legendary? Or just level up Stegoceratops and call it a day?

And well, thank you Ludia for getting me only Stygimoloch in all my incubators. No matter what my player level or arena(Sorna Marshes) I am. And I can never get any other Epic DNAs- Either in an incubator nor at my locality.


Save it for Monosteg. She’s my favorite dino, pernenatly has a spot on my team. With 2 nullify moves, decent damage and good HP, she’s awesome!


Level 19 stego is already above 3k+ health and 900+ damage. She’ll continue to survive just fine. Save it up for Mono.


Just to keep your options open a bit… You will more than likely be able to make plenty more Stegocerotops DNA before you get that Mono DNA. If this is a debatable choice for you, level Stegocerotops and make more DNA for Mono… Monostego is a good Dino BTW, can really help againt ninja chicken and all those Irexs


Something to consider. If you spread the DNA wealth around, you will end up with a bunch of hybrids that are all at level 20, or 21, or whatever. But focusing on the one you would be able to get it to level 24, or 25, or whatever.

Quite simply, a level 25 Stegoceratops and level 19 anything are stronger for battles than a level 21 Stegoceratops and level 21 Mono.

Same with Stegodeus, better it is strong than also getting Giga.


This is my current team:

Please suggest me if I need to level up Stegoceratops now. Or just save it for the legendary.
Any other team suggestions are also welcome.


Depends. How easy is stegocera for you to get? Lvl 16 monostego is lacking.

I say level up stegoceratops to 20, then work on monostegotops.


I actually leveled up my stego to level 21 cos dont have enough monolopho dna to fuse monostego anymore. However a level 21 stego packs a 1019 hit and is great against tanks along with its stun moves. In fact I’ll keep leveling it up but will level up monostego whenever I can.


I had a similar situation a while back and was basicly told to save it for mono… after a few days i said screw it i want results now…now my stegacera is close to its next level and my mono still isnt even level 15… this time the choice is easy level it.

On top of that though another thing to consider is this. Im sitting on close to 5k gallimus dna. Do i really want to split my mono dna between the two… for me its gonna be sometime down the road before i start making monostego.


I went for it and leveled mine, it is 21 now. My Monolophosarus is just at level 15, I never see or get any DNA. I can level Stego again if I wanted and have plenty of ingredient DNA to make much more.

I have found this with several Dino’s. I am never able to get one half of the DNA required for hybrid so just level up the ingredient Dino. I do not use it all, just in case, but I see no use in saving it forever and not having a use for it.

My Baryonyx is level 15 with 400 DNA over. I find many Dimetrodon and Postosuchus so level up Posti. I see no need to save Dimetrodon and level to 20 for Magnapyritor because I get very little Pyroraptor DNA and haven’t even got enough to create Pyrritator yet.

I see one Sinoceratops in a month, mine is level 15 with 544 DNA. The chances of me ever getting enough to create anything using Sino is pretty much nil at this point. I have 22,351 Utahraptor DNA just accumulating more. It is one of the most common Rare I find.

Complicated I know. LOL I am just leveling up what I have available to make viable attackers and going with that. If they ever do decide to do full zone migrations then I might have a chance at creating and using some of this DNA. But for now……


For every level you add to your Stegaceratops you make people cry … level away …


I’m a fairly hardcore player so I have many options aside from stegotops. However, for any casual or semi serious players, she will be a huge asset. She’s a core member of my fiancé’s team. I’d say level away, high level trumps legendary most of the time so build that spiky yellow devil up up up


@Calebrys … if I recall you have a L30 pending …