Level up Suchotator or Suchomimus?

With the changing coming…my suchotator is a level 20. Is he worth leveling any further or should I instead level up Suchomimus to take advantage of the swap in bleed? Wonder if it’s at all worth leveling him up as I have a ton of DNA being in zone 4.

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Wait for Tanytator to happen!

Uh-uh… I saw someone with a level 19 Suchomimus… Yeah the swap in bleed is great, but that attack was only 409… 409!!! Like what? Omg I was crying inside! Suchotator ftw for sure :nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue::v:


Oh personally I’m gonna keep raising my suchotator. He’s 21 and growing! Also with superiority strike nerfed his bleed will be devastating

My Suchotator is L20 and on my team … easier ingredients than Spinotasuchus (although I have managed to get that to L18 (L19 if had the coins)). Was farming in Local 3 this morning so halfway to L21.

With Irritator G2 being released to the wild, definitely 'tator.

Yeah as has been stated suchotator… he can do so much more then just bleed


suchotator got a hp buff also.

i dont know how i feel about irri gen 2 in the wild… if hes rare and they stop pumping him out of incubators, it might be harder to collect its dna. i have a steady supply of over 50k just just incs and strikes.

ill have suchotator and spinotosuchus on my team.

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Unless they change its status, it’s a common right now.

yes but to certain zones and hopefully at a good rate being its common.

Thanks everyone! Went ahead and did the fuses and now I am half way to level 21 with my suchotator. I also have my spinotorapter up to a level 18.

I’m in the exact same situation thinking the exact same thing.

Where is that info. Looks super handy.
I keep hearing about dinosex but there is nothing on Apple phone

this is on metahubs discord.

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