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Level up Thor or spending Sino Dna on Utahsinorapter/Utarinex?


I finally have create Thor! But now i’m in doubt for what i should do. Should i level up thor or spend my Sino DNA in utahsinoraptor?


Get utasinoraptor. If u dont want to, u dont need to get utarinex since its expensive and not even as good as utasino anymore, but utasino itself is def worth getting, In my opinion anyways


I would keep working on the Emerald Thor. As you haven’t even created Utasino, it would be no point of creating her and trying to get her at least level 20 to have her on your deck. By that time, you might have spent a fortune of Sino DNA on getting higher level Utasino.

Spend wise.


You’ve chosen your path, now go for it and spam that sino on Thor… it’s actually really good chomper and not too hard to level

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I have utahsino at lvl 20 and it can hammer Thor


Thor. All the way Thor. Utahsino is good, but head to head, unless Utahsino is a few levels higher, most people don’t play them correctly to beat Thor. Not to mention generally easier to level. And quite survivable, esp as you level it up.


Thnks for the feedback! I’m going to level up thor!


I’d go for both, Utasino is quite op at the moment and even if it is 2 levels lower than your average.


its really easy, utasino goes DI, and doesnt have to go for instant charge on the next turn, instead use it in turn 3, and thor is dead


I thought the same when I was matched up with Level 22 Thor.
My Utasino is level 23 tho.
Thor did CRIT on her 1st shot. And I was like, lets wait to use the IC on later and Thor did IC and again CRITed me. I am dead and Thor is standing with more than half of her hp and DSR to go on whatever that comes next.


well s… happens. but that doesnt make your move wrong. when doing strategy it is best not to account for the crits.
cause if you expect two crits coming, and instead you go IC on turn 2, then you are dead anyway
but i know what you mean, thor is a crit machine

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Utahsino. Thor is a beast but relies on crits. Utahsino is fast, can stun and distract, and hit hard … and despite what some people seem to think, it’s unique is still quite good.

I actually think it’s interesting, when Thor was new there were so many topics on this forum about how bad it was. Nothing has changed statwise with Thor, but now people are all about her. I don’t know. I have both. But if I had to choose, I would go with the raptor no hesitation.


With 5 attempts, you can create Utasino for free this sunday thanks to the valentines event. And then there’s 9 shots at Sino before that. But since sino is the hardest to collect of all the epics, it usually ends in having to choose between utahsino and Thor. Would be glorious to have both at high levels. Thor is the better path I think. All DS moves and the same priority stun move. Even if Thor gets distracted, his 40% crit can usually make up for it.