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Level Up?

My team (lvl 24 -28) with boosts all around (tier 4/5) 4800 trophies. I seem to be at a 50/50 win loss level.

I can level up a few dinos and have a bunch of boosts I can use. But should I?

Will increasing my lineups power give me a better team or will I just face higher leveled/boosted opponents?

I’d like to win more, but maybe I should just be happy where I am. Thoughts?

If Ludia is reading, please fix the match making.





Leveling or adding more boosts will definately increase the level of who you are matched with. I regret leveling Thor to a 29, but the challenge has been kinda fun although the trophies are still all messed up.


I’m at even lvl 28 tier 5 hp/atk with my whole team and asking myself the exact same question.

At the moment I’m holding back on any lvlups / boost, until I can apply to at least 4 dinos evenly.

That’s because, I’m holding o.k. @around 5300 trophies and the matches are normally okay as well. Nothing really bad in regards to opponent power (op/up) and the trophies awarded/deducted are o.k. as well.

I don’t want to mess this up, with so many people complaining at how they get bad matchups and bad deductions.

If anything, I would probably boost more, rather than lvlup. It feels like, the boost do not get calculated correctly into the matchmaking score (they are stronger than their weight in the score).


Boosting, not leveling, makes sense. Thanks.

Obviously something is wrong if leveling up is a bad thing for your team.

If they ever do fix match-making I’ll spend a day hitting that fuse button.


I’ve seen people bragging about reaching top 500, then showing their team. I have everything leveled/boosted higher than that and am still 1000 trophies below. The matchmaking makes trophy counts practically useless. How can i climb above 4300 and into the 5k range where i probably belong, when i’m forced to fight 5k people constantly?


Ikr… that’s why we need a trophy reset and pre-1.7 mm and trophy algorithm. Neither boosts nor levels should matter then… in due time, everyone will end up where they belong.


Yet another day has gone by and no news :confused:


Yea… I leveled one and boosred another and see I’m facing stronger teams. I’m stuck not really moving with a 50/50 win loss.

My 2nd account has a good team…11.25 average and ever so slowly climbing. I went from 1000 to just passing 2000 trophys with the same level team. I hit Badlands with a team of 7-11’s and 1-13. I’m not getting pitted against that much higher teams.

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Having my thora boosted to tier 6 in all stats has been a problem cause I get matched to teams a lot higher level than my own more often than not. Somehow still manage to stay in the 5100-5300 range though.

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