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Level upgrade wouldn’t allow me to accept the offer


I was offered a one time offer when I level up’d to level 4 and I kept selecting “buy” but it wouldn’t allow me to purchase the offer…

Is there anything I can do?

LevelUp offer not allowing purchase
A Step Ahead Renewed?
LevelUp offer not allowing purchase

Same thing for me.


Same thing happened to me, very frustrating. I had just spent a lot of coins and time to level up dinos to receive this offer and poof, nothing. Please fix this!


I just leveled up to Level 10 (woo hoo) and the 1-time purchase is not allowing me to purchase it. I’ve taken a SS but ya know it’s a “1 time” offer and I don’t want to loose this awesomeness. What can I do as not I’m afraid to not accept it and loose it :sob: TIA for your help!image


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Hey everyone, I’m sorry that you were affected by this. Our team has been made aware of this issue, and they’ll be investigating it soon. If you have any other information to assist our team, reach out to them here at with your support key.