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Level6 battle can it be reached?

Is it a con? Level 6 battle!!!
I am level9 almost 10 lol
74 dinos 43 above level 10
So far i have reached 2480 then lost 3 in a row in unbelievable fights to where a level 6 dino beat two level 14 dinos in a total of 4 rounds.
Then reached 2489 lost next 4 fights
Then made it to 2485 lost 3 fights
I am slowly giving up i feel im fighting a losing battle and starting to feel why bother…
Someone give me a reason why i should carry on if it is a rigged game!!!

Games not rigged. I repeatedly went back and forth between 2000 - 2400 so many times. After a while of collecting more DNA and then changing my team a bit with better dinos, and also adding in dinos with abilities that I didn’t have, such as counter-attack, and stun, I now find myself at 2,700.

I’m now going back and forth between 2,500 and 2,700. Which is to be expected until I improve my team.

All comes down to what you have on your team right now and knowing what is weak and what needs replacing.

Also i’m only lvl 8 and F2P.

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@DinoJim if you want, as many of us are doing, put here your team, your dino roster and the opponents’ usual dino team, so that we can help you improving and, hopefully, climb to the new arena.

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Just play the game and be patient. I’ve never spent a cent and I am now level 11 with 2 legendaries (almost 4) and 3727 trophees at this minute. My team can’t compete with a lot of the big players on here obviously but I’m slowly getting there. I’m annoyed too when I have to fight 5 battles for an incubator, it’s frustrating, but it’s not always like that.
Good luck!
@SaraCuriosa I did that last week and it helped me move around 250 trophees up :wink:


Thanks that helped…now level 11 93 dinos no Legendaries… problem now is getting coins to keep up.
27 dinos waiting upgrade 22 of them at level 14 with DNA to go up 2 more…
Not been able tp get on for 3days its not loading telling me to check my wifi… its fine thou if cant log in tomorrow i will be uninstalling the whole thog and say good bye!!!