Leveled Phorusaura because of wrong release notes

I leveled my Phorusaura from Level 20 to 22 and applied 2 speed boosts on it, because the release notes of update 2.3 stated that it would get its Rampage and run move back. Now it is keeping the delayed Rampage and run. Is there a possibility that I get the 110,000 coins and 200 speed boosts back?

Screenshot_20201202-215233_Samsung Internet

Here is a screenshot of the release note

A quick help:
here is your screenshot for the assistance:

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Already made one but thank you nonetheless

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@Ned , can the support help them?

Could anyone please answer? If it is a “no” I am ok with that, I just want clarity about it.

Who knows what happened with this update, its spiraling out of control a bit


They are working on it , it was mentioned earlier .

But for future reference don’t boost anything or level anything you read in the notes untill the update comes out .


Support told me the release notes were incorrect and pho will be keeping delayed rr so I’d think you get that back since it was their error.


I will definitely not do that again^^

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