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Leveled tryko to 30 and now down 300 trophies

Ridiculous. I hovered around 5800-5830 trophies and leveled tryko today to 30 with a team average of 29.375 to be exact. Dilorach at 29 and Magna at 26 are my lowest dinos. The rest 30. Ive lost now over 300 trophies. I still play the same way I did when I reached a high of 5842. Nothing has changed except tryko is now one level higher.
Dumb. Just dumb.


Put a level 10 Majungasaurus to be up again.


When that happened to me I replaced L24 Erlidom and L26 Dilorach with L30 Stegod and Tragod. Since those are legendaries, mm must think they’re weaker so now I get fairer battles.

Hoping for the best in 1.9, don’t want to lose 1000 trophies

This has been my issue since the boosts were launched.

Something weird happened with matchmaking and I dropped from 5000+ trophies to 4700 then dropped to 4500.
The drops coincided with levelling my dinos up every single time!

I now sit at 4600 and can’t move up no matter what I try, and I daren’t level anything up any more.

One day perhaps we will be privy to how the current algorithm works, because as far as I can tell you get punished for doing exactly what you’re supposed to do!


Something weird has been going on for the past two days. Normally I almost always get my Thor when I battle, but lately I have not. Luckily I have other chompers on my team. I just thought this was a bit odd. So much so that I had to check my team to see if Thor is still there. Yup, still is. Good old RNG I guess.

Gotta admit there’s some seriously weird (and awful) stuff going on with the new matchmaker.

Leveled up my Utasino and fell down over 500 trophies. I’ve since added a new unique, and I’ve crawled back up another 200-odd trophies. Personally, I think the range is far too big with what it searches for, and I imagine they did that because of how few players are active (compared to other games).


welcome to the jungle:

This is exactly what I think is causing alot of the problems. Its a cycle at this point, Ludia widens the match making algorithms to ensure fast que times. Meaning leveling up even one dino can put you in a whole new bracket… People get upset about that bad match making and quit arena, drop, or stop playing all together. Less players causes Ludia to widen the match making again. And the cycle continues.

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I thought they were tweaking the mm here and there. Seems like nothing has been done. Last time I dropped 500+ trophies was right after 1.7. Then I actually leveled up my dinos and it wasn’t so bad, I did notice some tougher matches but nothing crazy. Just yesterday I beat my high score as I had been doing since the new season started. and now suddenly I go out and hunt some anky to level tryko to 30 after such a grind for several months. Finally getting tryko to 30 and there went 300+ trophies. I would have been better off not leveling my tryko as I was doing just fine beating my record continuously. Just one level up is all it took.

Tier 6 speed is history. I passed on boost sales a few times and came to the conclusion that ranking on the lb after playing since launch won’t happen twice. Slightly salty about it all still and I fully understand the need to stay in the race after keeping up for a long time. There are a few in our alliance that play it different. They know their cap and once they reach it they drop enough and then work to reach that point again. Constant win incubators and dbi’s. I’m going to keep leveling and playing the way I used to before boost chaos came along. Good luck everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

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