Leveling Dinos just because


Anyone else have their OCD triggered when you see all the Dinos that need leveling up but don’t have the coin to do it? I look at my kids collection and he has like 30 Dinos that have green arrows! I just want to give him $50 just to clean it up!! :scream::crazy_face: Right now these are driving me nuts…


I have some that I am saving to create hybrids that are just sitting there driving me crazy as well. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:


Most definitely…although most of your dinosaurs are significantly higher levels than mine by like, 5-6 levels. :sweat_smile:

I’ve got at least 10 dinosaurs that could use a level-up just for kicks, if I had the coin. Most don’t contribute toward hybrids though.


Due to the rural area I live in I dont think I will have this particular problem any time soon. There is only 2 supply boxes within 1 mile and since the paved road is literally third mile away from home which is the only time we play any monster spawns require at least half mile hike for 30-50 random dna at a time :slight_smile:


I have 31 now to level up. Including one in my team - VRaptor which alone requires 50k to level up from L20 to L21.

Just ridiculous…