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Leveling Indom calculations


Wondering if this is accurate as I am once again pondering the thought of leveling because after months gone by my patience is deteriorating waiting for erliko. 500 will help from tourney rewards, but still won’t get it to a 20.

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50000 + 60000 + 70000 + 80000 + 90000 = 350000
300 + 350 + 400 + 500 + 750 = 2300
seems right to me!

edit: this got flagged for a second for some reason so it got sent 5 mins later

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Thank you! I might just give it a whirl before my 30k velo gets donated to the alliance at the rate I’ve been going. Wish I could donate the erliko, don’t think I will be playing this game in my nursing home :rofl:


That’s total fused though, it has to take more DNA than that. It’s bedtime and my brain beat me there.


well, accouting that 2300 DNA is needed, if we go by the assumption that 50 Rex DNA will result in 10 Indominus DNA, in worst case scenario you will need 11500 Rex DNA and… For raptor, that is… 2000 for 10, 10000 for 50… 100000 for 500… 400 000 for 2000.

If my math is correct, 460 000 Velociraptor and 11500 Rex DNA if EVERYTHING is a 10. Which is not likely, but you know, if you want to make deadsure.

It’s worth noting that common DNA caps at 200 000 however. Not sure for epics… 10 000? Accounting for the fact rare DNA caps on 40 000.

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So… lmao right now btw, I could take 30k velo and 2800 rex and be lucky if I get it to a 22. I don’t think that would be worth it. I have to applaud your abilities though! With that a huge thank you!


I’m hoping that I don’t need someone to bring me my phone and read what it says when the time comes that I can put the DNA to use.



I just realized I am dumb and counted 2000 raptor instead of 500. I confused Indominus with Indoraptor.

Sooo, not 460 000 but 92 000.

The Rex remains the same, however.


Rare cap is 50k fyi

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That makes sense. Dunno why I remembered 40k.