Leveling up a maxed-out dragon

Is it worth continuing to level up a dragon if it’s maxed up it’s training but still hasn’t fully maxed up its stars? I have a 4-star a Gloomleer that has maxed out its training but still hasn’t maxed out its star.

Every dragon above 1* has level up tiers, and the more powerful the dragon, the more tiers they have.

If you plan to use that dragon on going (and she’s a decent Epic), you will need to train her to a higher star tier. But if she is doing alright for you at the moment, you might as well hang onto your coins/scales until she isn’t.

Long story short, yes, you are going to want to level up/train most of the dragons you have. Having a bunch around will keep you from getting locked into a single all powerful team. You will run into a level that your highest BP team is not suited for, and if you have zero back up dragons, you are going to be stuck there until you breed more, or get enough lucky combos/spend runes to power through.

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That’s what i was thinking but I wanted to have it confirmed by someone who knows more than I do. Thank you.

Maxed out dragons can be trained to level up their abilities, though it takes some time. Gloomleer is a dragon that’s worth it, in my opinion.

And another reason why you might still want level up a dragon to their fullest is: if you are overflown with fish and dragons of a particular color, for which color you have only this(/these) maxed out dragon(s).

Thank you. I agree that Gloomleer is a dragon, worth developing.