Leveling up dinos


How many Dino’s do y’all have waiting to be leveled up because of coin shortage?? I currently have 24 Dino’s that can be leveled up… Everyday that number grows. There’s just not enough coins being collected! Ughhh


None at the moment as I make sure to grab every supply drop and spin it twice. But as I’m almost level 11, it’s going to start getting tight on the old coin purse. :frowning:


I’m lvl 14 and spend four to five hours a night hunting after work, spinning everything twice and always have incubators going and still I never have enough coins. I have so much DNA to fuse but can’t because I can’t level up the hybrids.

I wish we could keep fusing without having to be forced to level.


I hit 61 the other day! I’m saving up as many coins as possible to better decide which dinos get them, but it’s really annoying that that little green number never dips below the 50s.


I also wish there was a daily login coin award…
10k coins day 1
15k coins day 2
20k coins or rare incubator day 3
25k coins or rare incubator day 4
30k coins or epic incubator day 5
35k coins or epic incubator day 6
40k coins or premium incubator day 7
Reset to day 1


A daily login reward would be nice…but I’m sure it wouldn’t be even a fraction of the coin values that you posted (as nice as 10K+ coin a day would be!). If Ludia did implement something like this, the daily coin cap would probably have to be adjusted as well.

Granted, I’m a Level 8 with only 12 dinosaurs that need to be leveled up at this time.


Got 39 dinos there available to level up, but only left 27k coins.:cry:

And not sure if some dinos will be ingredient for new hybrids, so I’ll just left them in low lv, but keep collect DNA.


I’m forced to be picky about the Dino’s that take priority in levelling. I usually just try to level the ones on my team, but if I can get away with it, I will level a rare or common in my collection.

The coin cap really restricts how much I can level, and still have coin left over to build on. I usually stop levelling when coinage hits 5k on my coin-o-meter. That’s when I hit supply drops like mad. I burn through incubs. Anything to get back up to over 10k coinage.