Leveling up dragons duty not counting

I have leveled up six dragons as part of this duty but have only been credited with 3. Waveshaker is definitely not registering.

Could be, so I‘m asking this to make sure: Did you level up by feeding dragons? You need to improve at least one level of your dragon, if it‘s like level 24 before feeding but only a bit and then 24 after feeding but almost 25 it‘s not a level up.
But the game is full of bugs so it could be it didn‘t register, happens to me if the game crashes down while feeding.

I was feeding trained, leveled up three stars to a five star and the counter didn’t click over.

So you did improve at least one level by feeding the dragon? Then it‘s a bug, yes.

Hey Isladragonrider, I’m sorry to hear if your duties are not tracking correctly. Could you reach out to our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and that screenshot so our team can assist you?

Will do. Thank you.

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