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Leveling up dragons


I cant level up torch to max.I’m stuck with 953 and I cant go further.I tried to level him up but it says he is already max,which cant be because he isnt 957. Either the leveling up is a bug or the counter doesnt work.this also happend to me with my serene stormcutter


Is the ability maxxed?


My Torch is maxed and got only 945 power. But it’s ability is only 6/10 - I was absolutely unlucky while leveling him up. So I guess the ability counts to the overall strength. Still, the attack, defense and health value equals the one of a maxed torch!


Yes ability level.impacts the overall power number. Base your dragons on skills and individual stats vs overall number

I am not 100% sure, but I think rarity may also impact overall number making it even less representative of how good the dragon may or may not be


His spirit level is 9/10 but next to the level it says 50 idk if that helps-


I have a max trained Tripfire at level 937 but doesn’t seem to be levelling any further either?


There is a visual bug where 1* dragons don’t appear to level a dragon. They do and if you put enough in you’ll see it


I put like 10 dragons into torch and it still didnt do anything


Me too, except way more than that :roll_eyes:


Oof I guess


Are you just trying to level ability? If so the. It is random and you may not get anything for your fish.


No I just wanted to get torch to 957,because I thought that was the maximum


You have to keep an eye on the chance of skill level up, it doesn’t matter if you feed 10 dragons if the chance is something like 20%. The most reliable way of leveling up the ability is to feed the dragon with multiple duplicates, i don’t recommend you to waste other dragons and fish for just one level.


I guess leveling up dragons is more complicated than I thought


If he is max level then you would need to raise ability to get the number. The max is based on max level.and max ability so you have to complete both to get that number


Is there a way to level the ability once they’re max level?


Yes, you can keep feeding them, but it is still random to level ability


How can I level the ability?


Same way as you level


So just feeding them?