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Leveling up non-overused creatures

Hey guys, first post here after lurking for a while

I’m level 20 / 5500 trophies and my team is quite a typical one (Erlidominus, Thoradolosaur, Trykosaurus, Magnapyritor, Procerathomimus, Ardentismaxima, Geminititan, Indominus Gen2).

I would like to level up an underused dino to make it more diverse. I tried it with Alloraptor, but after the last nerf and the possibility of a future Epic hybrid, I felt like I was wasting boosts and stopped.

Any of you is using a less-mainstream dino in higher arenas? Quite tempted to level up Marsupial lion after how well he performed in the tournaments… or make room for Carnotarkus

I’m using Constrictor. it’s a blessing and a curse. Perfect for non immune opponents, especially the indos. however, falls short against immune dinos. I’m going to try majundaboa after the update. Looks like it will be slightly better than constrictor in some matchups.

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In its current situation, all you have to do is make Marsupial Lion lvl 30, super speedy with some good amount of HP, and it’ll pose a threat even to the mainstream speedsters.

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with enough hp, could it take out Lord Lythronax?

Probably. Maybe adding a prowl in between.

My main team is now 6 x L30 and 2 x L29 - should be all L30 within a month. I have a lot of creatures in my “upper” bench but without boosts they have little chance of making the team …

So, I am concentrating on levelling up creatures for the advantage tournaments - Rexy is already L27 - no boosts, power via levelling. Enjoying it so far.

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I’m at mid/lower Aviary, and I’ve always loved using Sarcorixis. It does a lot of damage with Ferocious Impact, plus it has two stunning moves as well. Sarcorixis is especially good to swap in when you have 2 takedowns and the opponent’s creature isn’t immune to swap prevention. I’ve secured quite a few victories that way with Sarcorixis when the opponent couldn’t swap out their half-dead creature (thanks to Sarcorixis’s passive ability, No Escape).

While Sarcorixis might not be as viable in the upper arenas, I’d say from experience that it does pretty well in Aviary and the lower arenas.

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Marsupial lion is probably the only non-hybrid along with carbonemyes that is viable in the upper arenas. It gets the same boost treatment as thylacotator with nothing but hp. The problem is that there are many creatures with distract in upper arenas. I would wait for an alloraptor hybrid, but it really only lost the maxima matchup. It still beats gemini. Carnotarkus is much better than thor and procerath, and a boosted arena makes it even stronger as you just boost hp. Another non-conventional creature to level up would be something like allosinosaurus. I think it’s better than thor and is a surprise to many who face it


Mlion is unmatched when figthing against slower creatures, but he’s useless when fighting speedier ones. Choosing him seems risky

Mid Aviary player here. I love my slightly speed boosted Tryo. Her immunity and crit boosts gives some great defense/offense chances.
And off the arena, she’s a real beast taking down strike towers :slight_smile:

I hover around 5300 trophies with a completely unboosted team that inludes a 30 diplove, 30 puru and 30 tuora. I love them all.

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I use Carnotarkus in the library, and she’s almost guaranteed to take out at least one enemy (including fully boosted level 30 Thors, even). Her only real problem is Monostegotops, if all the stuns land.

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Out of curiosity, what level / stats is your Tarko at?
I have one as a sort of side project. Wondering how strong I need to get her before she’ll be a viable option.

I’ll admit, she’s heavily boosted. Level 28, 20HP, 1Atk. She has 6880HP and 1245 Attack (or thereabouts, can’t load the app right now to check).

She’s been viable for me from the beginning, but I’d say she needs to be at least level 26 (no boosts) in the library before you can really use her.


I am thinking that epic Entelochops might be a good option too…

Your team does sound a bit boring.

My current team (7/8 finalised) is:
Spinoconstrictor, Stygidaryx, Tenontorex, Ardentis, Grypolyth, Quetzorion & Erlidom. I’m planning for Magna (because I can’t think of anything else that fits) for #8.

Spinoconstrictor and Stygidaryx are just ‘more fun’ to use than many of the other top-tier dinosaurs because they can do different things. Expose Wound prior to dying can setup a 3x Rampage from Erlidom for example.

Now, these two aren’t really viable in a strict ‘Tier List’ sense because of the ‘immune meta’ (such an awful state of affairs) but I have so much more fun with them than other dinos. Dinos like Thor… god. It’s like you aren’t even playing. Sometimes you have to think about Instant Charge. Sometimes.

The eternal dilemma of leveling up Carnotarkus or Purutaurus. Carnotarkus seems to be the most logical but the equal HP, No-escape and Cleansing makes me certainly doubt.

Carnotarkus is a better choice against Smaxima and Indoraptor.

And when boosted, gemini too

Yeah, I’ve tipped a gemini with it once, but it was a small gemini.