Leveling up strategy


I have tons of DNA sitting on dinosaurs that I will never use on my arena team (sorry iguanodon, you’re sitting at level 1 forever). But is it better to just sit on that DNA, or level up all of those dinosaurs and benefit from the increased dart damage, etc?

The reason why I am sitting on all that DNA is that with each level, the “cash” incubators get more expensive, and those seem to be the most consistent way of getting quality dinosaurs fast. So I almost feel it’s better to only focus on leveling up dinosaurs who are either currently on my team, or may join it eventually.

Any thoughts or strategies on how to best compensate level with increasing incubator costs?


I thought leveling would get incredibly slow when I stopped spending money on coins. However mixing DNA for hybrids which is inevitable keeps the XP ticking over. I’m up to level 15.

You’ll always be short of coins. But you can totally ignore dino’s that won’t hybrid.


Oh I don’t spend money on coins. Well at least not yet. And I completely ignore dinosaurs that are either useless in arena or do not hybrid.

I’m really just curious if wasting coins/increasing your level on useless dinosaurs is worth it- because as you level up, things like in store incubators get more expensive.

I’ve read an article on the forum that talks about incubator rewards increase as you level up, which shows that the rewards do get better as you level up. So that makes me feel like I should level up, regardless on the dinosaur the experience is coming from.

But why waste coins on dinosaurs that you’ll never use in arena or use to make hybrids? Especially if you do so, it’s going to make store incubators more expensive.


I am evolving everything. Bigger level you are, you get more DNA from hits and you have bigger coins and money limit. Also, I don’t ever buy incubators. I spend my money on opening incubators I get from fighting in arenas. Here and then I get 15 min incubators which i open immediately by watching an add, and here and then I get 8h, 12h, and 24h incubators which give pretty decent rewards.

Looking at it long term, the sooner you get to level 20, the sooner you collect more money , coins and DNA so I think its the best strategy.


For a long-term strategist, I think that leveling Commons and Rares that don’t currently have hybrids is worth the investment. This game is going to continue to put out new creatures and hybrids for a long time, so while some creatures don’t currently have hybrids, that doesn’t mean that a future update won’t introduce more (i.e. Sarcorixis, Ankylocodon, etc.)

I’ve leveled up most of my Commons and Rares to at least level 10 in anticipation of future updates—except for a select few, like Dilophosaurus Gen 2. I could play it safe and never level up anything that doesn’t currently have an in-game hybrid, or I could take a risk or two.

All that being said, if you’re more focused on short-term, fast growth and winning arena battles, then no, it’s probably not worth the investment.


Great question. There is no simple answer. You will always be short of coins unless they bring back the treasure boxes for a while. At lower levels you do want to evolve to get to the higher level so you get more DNA per Dart. I prefer to evolve only the Dinos who are going to be useful. Then all of a sudden they change things and a useless common is now a building block for something cool and you have a bunch of DNA just sitting there waiting.


Can I ask you what level are you atm?

I don’t have much chance to stay out for long to catch dinos so I try to level up quickly in order to take as much dna that I can for one hunt (my starting average was 50 dna per common hunt, now at lev 11 I have an average of 150 dna per common hunt). Not taking into consideration that, going ahead to level up your dinos that you want to use for arena battles, every dino to upgrade needs lots of Dna so you need to spend more and more time for your hunting session. Just as an example, Indominus Rex cost 500 v-raptor dna per fusing, and I am banging my head on a wall of 10 dna per fusing, so I need to pull out as much raptor dna as possible for the rare raptor spawnings.
I am not buying incub so our strategy are different, I prefer the one time level up offer when levelling up, but hope my comment can help you think about and take a good decision related to your style of play.
So when I am at 3/4 for the next levelling, I start to level up the low upgraded dino up to 8-9-10 and so on, of course epic dinos first (seen that they reward me for more xp points with the same coins spent), then rare and then the common ones that have hybrids even if I won’t use them in battle, I want to collect all the dinos.


I’m about 65% through level 7 at the moment. I do buy each “one time offer” arena incubator (as I do have some in game cash stashed up) but I do not buy the level up “one time offers” (as I think they require real cash purchases, if I recall correctly).