Leveling up Utahsino over level 20?


We are getting another Sino week and I’ll probably manage to level up Utasino up to lvl 20. I really like using it as can bring down tanks. Then I’m thinking to lvl it up even more, but is it worth or is better to lvl Allosino to lvl 20 and fuse Thor?


Utahrinex would be the better option… then thor…


I have L23 Thor because I was waiting to get Drac up to a 20. I would save all sino if you have plenty of draco avail to level up utahrinex.


I have Draco on lvl 15, so it will take a while to get Utarinex. When I started to play, I saw Draco almost every day, but latetly is as rare as Sino outside of events for me.
Still, will have Utarinex way sooner than Tryko. :grin:


Most people will suggest going straight to Utahrhinex but I’m not so sure Utahsinoraptor isn’t better. Plus it will level up faster than using DNA for fuses.