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Leveling without the story mission?

Hello, I’m relatively new to Jurassic Park and I’m in a difficult position. I have to place a “jurassic world flag” for the story mission, but this is only available from level 30. I’m level 29 and with expansions and the purchase of decorations I hardly make any progress. How can I level up?

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Expansions are the way to go, at your level decorations aren’t worth much xp so don’t bother with them, you will have to reach level 30 from regular gameplay like hatching, fusing and expansions


Hatch everything you get.
Buy all coin expansions
Complete all Daily Missions and PVE
Create decorations and buildings, with decorations being MUCH, MUCH MORE useful than buildings


And remember, this game rewards patience and planning. It doesn’t have an “end” to reach.


There’s someone we haven’t seen a quite some time…


Buying decorations and placing them on the island and claiming the Xp will help you level up. If your really tight on coins, you can then sell the decoration and repeat the process.

When I was in the lower levels, I would buy decorations and place them in my wallet without claiming the Xp. When I needed a level boost, I would place the 100 or so decorations out and claim the Xp.

Also get the spreadsheet and plan ahead to avoid nasty surprises like Have a Level 40 Velociraptor, a few days after fusing an Indominus Rex and having 0 velociraptors.


Yeah, do this.

A few members put a lot of work into the screenshots and spreadsheet and it makes us happy for you to use them to avoid pitfalls.

On key thing to look for is building missions… some of those buildings take a long time to make and than you have to collect millions of coins from them. Build of bunch in advance.

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Why is that bad? I think I’m stupid, I’m sorry

If you are interested in Story Missions and follow the Spreadsheet, you can plan for upcoming Missions. In @Timmah 's example above, the hypothetical player fused an Indominus rex. Shortly thereafter, he/she had a mission requirement of having a level 40 Velociraptor (Episode 36.6). This would be unfortunate because the player just used a level 40 Velociraptor in making the Indominus rex. Unless he or she had multiple level 40s, he or she must now remake the level 40 Velociraptor in order to progress. On the other hand, a player paying attention to upcoming Story Missions would realize the need to have a level 40 Velociraptor and either make a second copy or hold off fusing the Indominus rex until after passing that Mission (as well as Episode 41.7, have a level 40 Tyrannosaurus rex).

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The worst is Indomis Rex L31 or I do rapor L11. That indo is super strong. It is best for the player to make the L31 for the mission and fuse to an Indoraptor L1 right away to bring you top Dino way back down.

Lol, auto correct, I’ll let the I do raptor stand.

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The worst thing about velo and Trex lvl 40 missions is they are fairly useless. However Have 29 level 30 carnies mission is arguably even worse. I have to build around 12 mujangas.