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Levelling up no longer shows the stat increase?

Is it just me or since the update is there no way of knowing what the stat increase is when levelling up? It used to have it next to the health and damage but now there is nothing? Is this because the stat boost options have completely changed everything or am I just missing where it has moved to? It’s not a huge issue but would be nice to know still!

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Hold ur finger on each stat and it will bring up a pop up window that shows what the stat will be next level.

It was better when you could see it at a glance though!


Thanks man! I had no idea haha yeah it’s a little annoying but atleast it’s still there and less cluttered I guess?


No worries mate, I couldn’t see it at first and then I noticed it popped up when holding on it lol.

Oh wow! Thanks for the info Stiff :smile:

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