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Levelling up Utasinoraptor or Fusing Utarinex


My Utasino is now at L21, most players go for Utarinex. I think both of them are good dinos, Utasino has a higher speed, with Critical Impact, but Utarinex has higher HP, but slower. Utasino can beat Utarinex when they are at the same level. What do you think?
I am considering going on levelling up my Utasino or starting fusing Utarinex.


I’m in 2 minds aswell. Got dracorex at level18. Long way off fusing for utahranex.

While I got enough dna to get utahsino from 20 to 22


Only concern is if Rinex gets a spd buff in future update, and it becomes the go to dino again, and you’ll be left thinking, shucks shld have waited n save up the utahsino dna.

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All I can say is my utahsino got pretty success up on the top 3 leaderboard hehe UTAHSINO > Urinex! :sunglasses:


However, in your case I believe going for Urinex will get you to higher level and become more effective to your roster faster than Utahsino. The time and level and dna consuming are too much compare to get Urinex faster to use in arena.


Sorry, I don’t quite understand. You mean levelling up Utasino comsumes less DNA and time than getting Utarinex, but Utarinex can bring me to a higher trophy level easier and faster?
How about comparing the performance of the two in the arena?


Was the speed of Utarinex 127 before the update? If so, it was just nerfed to 126 and could not be buffed back to 127 so soon.


Yea tho the rinex speed nerf caused a bit of player upset, since its a unique n it’s “suppose” to be better than its ingredients, so you nvr know. It could be another “miscalculation” by developers lol


The Utarinex speed is always 126. Might get buff later but that doesn’t change much. What I meant was,
If you going for Utahsinoraptor for higher level that up for the challenge, it might take longer until you can use it. However, if you going for Utarinex now, at same amount of time and effort will make you be able to use Utarinex in arena first comparing to Utahsino that will be effective only at higher level. Eg. U will get Urinex at 26 before utahsino 26 due to the dna requirement. So you will want to use your Dino freashly created first which is Utarinex.


I run utasin at 25 and I’ve never regretted it. It wins or draws against most openers I face and does a bunch of damage to almost all others – only tryko is a real threat. It can be taken out by dracocera, but so can rinex or dilorach or erlidom, so that’s just a hazard of the speedster. Not bothering with rinex also allowed me to use some of my sino for Thor and get it to 26 so far.


I feel like atm rinex is more of a sidegrade then an upgrade… but having ran both i perfer utahsino to rinex. Problem with this is while i like the fact we have choices and options in the sino line. Ludia seenmms to perfer a straight upgrade path which I think means at some point soon utahsino is going to get a nerf that makes it clearly worse. Some might try to argue it doesnt need a nerf but neither did monomimus or pyrritator.


Utasino also requires sinoceratops dna?


Yes, utasin obviously requires sino, but much less sino than I’d use fusing for rinex.


I also run Thor at the same time, it is at L24. So Sino DNA is important to me. If I fuse Rinex, it takes a lot of Sino DNA which I can use to level up Utasino. Levelling up (or fusing to create) Rinex needs more Sino DNA than Utasino, especially if most fuses are 10s.
I don’t like Ludia nerfing this and that, why not buffing dinos in order to counter those they think should be nerfed.




Thanks for the article. Actually I have read this before, still no idea of which way to go.


I’ve made the decision to not create Utarinex. I want to also level my Thor and because of that Sino DNA is in high demand. I dont feel Utarinex is ‘that’ much better than Utasinoraptor. I’ve faced some at higher levels and dont think I will regret my decision. Plus Ludia keeps giving us chances at darting uniques, weve already darted it once, I could one day create it just from features events.


My rinex is a 27 and don’t regret going that route. More health is a big factor imo and have considered leveling sino and using both but probably won’t with talk of a possible rinex speed buff. One vs one at 26 utahsino seems to prevail, but I haven’t tried more than one combo of moves with rinex yet.


Unless you have access to tons of sinos and coins, I’d avoid making both Thor and Rinex.

Better to have one at a high level than 2 at low levels (IMO)

If you don’t have Thor/plans on making it:
The extra HP along with Hit & Run make Rinex>Utasino (if you don’t mind waiting to level it)


Yes, I have Thor. Keeping levelling Utasino helps saves some Sino DNA for Thor. I live in L3, and L1 is some 200m from home. I don’t have tons of Sino DNA, only occasionally get an Epic scent and go to use it in L1 to get one or two Sino.