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Levels 90+: Place a New Indominus

My DNA is taking a beating over the “Place a New Indominus Rex” requirement as I near completing the game’s missions. Do I need to place a new one for levels 94 and 95? Appreciate the info. I’m just trying to get to the infinity battles since I’m so close.

Why don’t you just get xp from decorations, much faster and easier.


I’ve been sitting on the same Story mission for a while now, IDK? a week and a half maybe?

It’s not a question of whether i could do it or not, i could have a few different times but a new I-rex doesn’t help my battle dino’s by itself so i’ve been focusing on other dino’s instead. It’s certainly something that will need eventually but I already have a lvl 20 I-Rex and it is one of my highest ferocity jurassic’s and right now i’d just rather spend my DNA on making lvl 30-40 tournament and hybrid dino’s I don’t have yet.

I am getting tired of being on the same mission though so i may end up pulling the trigger on it sooner or later.

As for needing to place a new one for lvls 94 and 95 i wouldn’t think so? All the park levels are XP driven so as long as you are racking up XP you will continue to reach new park levels. Opening up space on the islands generates a good bit of xp.

I didnt explain it well enough. Level 93 makes the 3rd indominus I’ve had to hatch in the last 2 weeks. They take 29k DNA. I’m just worried I’ll have to do 2 more for levels 94 and 95. That’s a serious hit to the DNA stockpile. Just looking to see if anyone knows if anymore new Indominus are in my near future. To be clear one of the missions for the level is to place a new Indominus to be able to move on.

The Mission has nothing to do with your level.
Based on @Timmah’s screenshots, there are 3 hatch an Indominus rex Missions: Episode 48: Baby Blues, Episode 49: Closer Look, Episode 50: Reporting Live From Jurassic World


Okay. That makes more sense. I was confused

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This is a long shot but does putting it in the Dino storage and back do anything towards the mission. Sometimes it just randomly works lol like with buildings. Place them back in market and back and it counts as buy and place.

It did not. But I like the way you think

Yeah, I carefully kept track of the I-Rex missions as it is a huge DNA requirement.

Fusing the I-Rex does count. So, you only really need to make two.

I’m still on the I-Rex L31 (really L21) mission as a L21 will unbalance my line up. But I’m working to shore things up. The real problem will be with cool downs. I’m currently capping mine at 10hours, but a L21 will be 14+ hours I think. I’ve started to build an alternate 10H tournament team to continue my tournament play while still having dinos move up for PvE.

It is an interesting place to be in the game, but sadly my plan for moving forward is measured in weeks/months.


I appreciate it timmah. I’ve not paid much attention to ferocity and the like and have paid the price. Downloaded the game for my son and he just likes to see progress and new dinos so I went after heavy hitters as soon as possible with little regard for balancing. My lineup is severely top carnivore heavy. I keep trying to even it out but then a butterfly goes by and I forget what my goals are. Need to make a list. I’m probably a year away from being balanced enough to use strategy vs. Brute force to get through everything.

As much as all Carnos and ferocity problems can hurt, going over a 10-12h cool down becomes really painful too and you can only consistently use your dinos once a day. (Or twice today and once tomorrow.)

Think of it as an invisible halving of your dinos.

I’m going to try to stack my line up deep at 10H and than jump right up to 16H+ range. I put together a light Indoraptor plan. Since coins->dinos is being so kind as to spill rare hybrids, they are my tournament teams plan while my DNA goes to building all tournament hybrids. But, on a good week, I get to make 2 tournament hybrids.

Slow going. I’m looking forward to the boss event just for the DNA. My monostegotops should have a field day.


Yeah. I’m burning through my aquatic stockpile and then my cenozoic while running my backlog of tournament noncarivorous hybrids in the 4th slot during this stretch of my gameplay. Buying hybrids during the discounts and trading coins is making a nice little group for my tournament lineups.
I can safely hit 2000 trophies in a tournament without spending DB’s if needed so I’m trying to become more well rounded at the moment.

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The story missions were something I made a decision to just ignore until such time as completing them fit into the rest of my game strategy. The experience isn’t really needed since you’re going to get it anyway from hatching and evolving creatures, or if you really want to speed it up to get to the infinity level, buying decorations (and selling them back again to reclaim coins and space). The rest of the rewards you get for them are so pathetic, they pretty much are just an afterthought.

If you are enjoying the game and plan to play it for the long haul, there isn’t any reason to try and rush through finishing them, particularly if doing so is detrimental to your game.


ruining your lineup for a couple of thousand xp isn’t worth it. 20 apatosaurus fossils give more.