Levels made raids go

Since the new update completely destroys raiding for lvl. 1-15 players.

Ludia please get rid of this because it is absolutely useless and annoying.

Honestly this is worse than the compensation.

It doesn’t completely destroy raiding for lvl 1-15 players. You can still do Rare - Legendary.

This is what was needed from day one. It was right for them to bring it in regardless of how late it was. The problem is that they didn’t bring it in on day one and it is always worse to take something away than never give it in the first place.

It does suck, but it was needed for the health of the lower arenas.


Agreed. Wouldve been better to implement this as soon as possible rather than a year later.

Still have a ways to go with balancing out where apexes are allowed to show up, but baby steps.


Say you where in lockdown
And then you see a mortem rex. What is your next move?
This is why ludia added unlocking levels, or else low level players would be able to unlock crazy strong creatures and destroy the arena that they are in.


cough annoying low levels that get carried by their alliance cough

Uh no, not even close. Apex raids are hard to do even with a good strat. Chances are you might not even be able to do one unless you’re level 18+ anyway. I myself did my first apex raid when I was lvl 19 a couple months ago. Not to mention Legendaries and Uniques are the creatures you should be using at and below level 15 if even. Apexes are not the only good raids in the game. Back when I was lvl 16 I unlocked Smilonemys from raiding which really helped me through Lockwood Estate and Jurassic ruins especially when fighting against droppers from Aviary. Uniques are good. Phorurex and Andrewtops are arguably better than some of the apexes aswell. My point being you shouldn’t even be going for apexes until you’re level 17 AT LEAST and should be going for uniques and legendaries instead.


Honestly I’ve wanted something like this from day 1. It helps balance the arena since apexes are rather powerful. better late then never.


Those players are actually useful because of mainly taunt or boosting attack. Not all carries are unnecessary.

Yup, first time I’ve ever fought a Mortem was when I was still in Jurassic Ruins. A level 14 player who probably had been being carried by their alliance swept my whole team.

Glad it’s here now though.

Yeah they can help with the raid itself, but that doesn’t justify apexes terrorizing the lower arenas.

Apex raids are meant for high level players to do as a reward for them grinding the game for a long time and getting the required creatures. Which is why they’re so hard. (Yes I know there are p2w’s but that’s a different story.) Not for low levels to just unlock at the start of the game and run through the arenas. Yes I know not all carries are unnecessary and can be useful at times, then again another high level player would be more of a help anyway.


Lets talk about the unique raids.

The average lvl. 15 would maybe have 3-5 uniques and maybe the average lvl. 16 would have 4-5 uniques. I bet 1 of those uniques have a raid (Indoraptor[No buff]). Also in my situation coin are considered near impossible to get so gaining xp. at my level feels near impossible.

But we have our own opinion, we don’t have to agree about everything like this is an example of disagreeing. But we have our own opinions thats that is fine.

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Coins are hard to get for everyone. You may see some players with 100,000+ coins, yet that’s probably not enough for what they are saving them for and may have spent months trying to get to that amount. You are definitely not the only one struggling with coins


Sitting at 1 mill atm. Months of saving hc for a coin sale. And it’ll get me maybe 3 -4 creatures 1 level each.

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Let’s talk about the beginning of the game when we had to grind for everything we have. When there were no alliances for alliance mission dna and donations from teammates. When there weren’t sanctuaries and there were no raids. How about those days? Low level players and new level players have a cake walk and don’t appreciate anything. Us long term members know exactly what I’m talking about.


Coming from a person that only had an alliance of me and four of my friends before recently joining a better one, I couldn’t agree more that the newer players now are super spoiled. I myself am a bit spoiled because at least I had an alliance and although not many, there were still some raids back then aswell.


I’ve been playing since start of April of this year so not a long time player like you guys, but I am 100% in favour of the raids being level locked. It’s just way too easy now for newer players to get Apex DNA. Thankfully now I’ve reached Aviary and don’t battle frequently anymore, but seeing an Apex down there in the lower arenas is a nightmare honestly. They hold the advantage of having a level 26 creature in Lockdown and similar arenas. I would say that the decision to lock raids by player levels is quite justified.


Yea back in those days, progression felt natural albeit slower, and seasonal achievements felt rewarding. But the game is a totally different beast now. First couple of years was pretty much a solo play, now it’s leaning heavily towards coop play. Kinda apple orange situation. Just gotta move along with the times I guess.


look this is something good ludia is finally putting a stop to carries sure some are questionable but most are agreeable ive been playing for a year i spent time and bloood to this game and when raids came out i liked them till carries existed to me it doesn’t feel right for players who just played for 3 months to instantly get the best of the best and not spend precious items for it and make decisions on what you should focus more on


I remember waiting for like 2 months to get to 500k for the achievement, which is really difficult for someone that likes to spend like me lol and then in like 2 minutes I only had 1k of coins bc of all the stuff I had to upgrade for hybrids; coins are the base currency, so easy to get yet so easy to spend


Coins are extremely easy to get but in small amounts i understand this as only with a tap with a button you only level up 1 or 2 creatures in late game

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The other thing they could do is make certain rarities not able to use till you hit a certain arena. An example would be you can’t use a unique in PvP till you hit Lockwood Estates. Jurassic Ruins and below would be no uniqe’s allowed even if players were getting them. This way, they would want to level up arena’s to be able to play them. For Apex’s, those would only be able to use from Library on up. Then they could buff those creatures back up to usefulness.

Another better way to handle who can do what raids is the player has to be in a certain arena meaning you can only join Apex raids if your in Lockwood Estates or higher. As it does take 3-4 months to unlock these, after the 3-4 months, the players will be up in Avairy or close to the Library.

Player level was the wrong way to go about this in my opinion.

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