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Levels too hard

I have been trying to beat level 38 on wild woodlands for ever and I cannot beat it even though I have 200 more power than he level

Yeah, this has been a problem for awhile. Problems relating to healer dragons and balancing the power limits of enemies has been a big issue. Hasn’t been given the crucial attention it should be getting. This is the most important part of the game and there’s no light being given on the problem being fixed anytime soon.

Yes it seems to be that way

Ooh is that the one with like 3 TJs facerolling your team? Don’t you worry, it gets worse later. I mean… that’s Woodlands. Not even Marshlands. And Hooligan Highlands is a basically impossible unless you are 5000+.

What’s killing you is basically 3 AoE damaging dragons, each with a debuff that further makes their aoe bad. And you probably are triggering them all at once, which is suicidal.
The answer is quite simple: you need to deal with it.

  1. AoE damage means AoE healing\plenty of healing. If you can’t survive that damage, you won’t survive anything that comes after. Your team only has Tripfire, which is an off-healer at best. Coldreign is basically a useless dragon, Waveshaker is also an off-support, and Revenger’s spirit buff barely makes a difference if your team has no synergy in the first place. Get some Flank Tanker, Brute-Wurst. At least Brute-Wurst should be enough on the healing side at THIS point in the game.

  2. Damage taken debuff. This basically means that if you took 100 damage, you’ll take like 130 damage next time. So if you somehow survive two casts, third will be lethal. It can be removed\prevented with your own team damage taken BUFF(reduction, not increase). I don’t remember any 3star dragons that could do it, but my Gloomleer is definitely a lifesaver in fights like these.

  3. Cast-control. In other words - you need dragons that reduce enemy spirit\block their abilities. For example - you take one cast, you drop the debuff with your own buff, then you take another cast, you silence the third cast, and all the while - you have to get some kills and to heal yourself. Maybe you just reload the mission and you’ll get 1 TJ and 4 Serene Sponges. Or you’ll get 1 Serene Sponge and 4 TJs, then you can just flee right there. Devs don’t seem to plan on fixing the broken parts of the game, and spawn RNG is definitely the last on their priority.

Thanks for the help😁