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LF an active Clan (7* Alpha)

Hi there :wave:t3:
I’m looking for an active clan which is defeating 7* Alphas. I do 100k+ damage easily on every Alpha. I’m only looking for a german or english speeking clan. If there is some1 interested in picking me up, let me know some key points about the clan.

  • Discord available

King Regards.

You are welcome in our clan - Winter Veil. We defeat every 7*, our alpha chest lv is 8 (I don’t know why, maybe it’s because we have 100% win against every 7*)

We are an open clan and we don’t use discord. So feel free to join us after our today alpha battle end. We will enxounter a 7* next.

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We’re not against 7 star alphas anymore, but you’re welcome to join The Dragon Riders. We just defeated our first 9 star yesterday, but normally we’re taking down 8 stars.

We’re an english speaking clan with people from all around the world - including some from Germany actually.

Send me a DM if you’d like to join :sunny: