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LF New Clan

Two members are looking for a new clan. The previous one was completely stagnant. The other person is roughly 4700 BP and is semi-active do to work. I’ve recently started and am at 3100 BP but a little more active.


Hello Vucora,

We would love to have you two in our allied clan - Ragnarok Montreal.
We are at 4* and need some more help to defeat 5*, and 6*. We’d love to grow and have fun playing. I’m not the clan leader, but kinda fond of this clan, so I just want to help out. We can help each other to build team and share experience. No discord required too.

P.S: Don’t mind the clan heading hehe. Everyone will be welcomed here.

Thanks a lot for your reading <3

have a few spots in Scotland clan as well. Fighting 6* alphas at the moment. You can just join if you are interested. Happy gaming!

We have openings in our entry clan Rise. rise1

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