#LFAW - Life Found A Way

Active players between 1000-4000 trophies are welcome to join LIFE FOUND A WAY #LFAW

We are a very active alliance with a high rate of donorship, looking for other active and generous players to join our team. We have a weekly members refresh so ‘inactive’ (and non-donating) members are removed and new ‘active’ members recruited. We are officially partnered with MetaHub so have our own secret channel within their discord to discuss trades, strats, make friends or whatever.

If you would like to join #LFAW go to the Metahub Discord [https://discord.gg/uzxs7jK]
#alliances-recruitment channel and send me a message. Random public applications will not be accepted.

Life Found A Way to help each other in JWA!

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Like that you encourage a spread of trophies for your recruitment… this will hopefully mean a spread in the DNA requests/donations within your alliance too as some will be trying up upgrade/ fuse rares & epics, others epics & legendaries and others legendaries & Uniques.

It’s difficult when people are all around the same level and therefore need the same DNA, so think your strategy will work well for you.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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