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Liam is back and is...Monday?

I’m really surprised because I didn’t expect anything today in Lovelink but… LIAM IS BACK. Maybe we will get another schedule of updates or maybe if he came back probably other forgotten matches will be back too… T.T

cough cough Austin pls…


Yeah like William, Seth, Daniel, Capt Muffin, Sage, Jasmin, Blake, Samantha, Alice, Angel


I wouldn’t say Austin is forgotten since he was brought back so frequently, and he’ll probably be gone for a bit with that ending, buuuut yeah, someone who has been missing for a while (or “forgotten” lol) would be nice.

Hugo, Jamie, Jake, Oliver… whoever else. I’m really hoping for Hugo soon!

I was surprised about the return today, too. I hope that means it’ll be a good change!


Yeah there are so much that needs to return…


Yeah I know :frowning: But with that ending honestly it was so bad that I wouldn’t mind if he took more time to come if he had a different ending but right now it feels like ages xD…

Oh god, I want Hugo back SO BAD too, other matches as well, but when I started to love the story of Hugo he suddenly went away xD

And yes, I hope this means they will change for better T_T Let’s see how it goes…

Yes I’m trying not to complain but it’s becoming hard

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Yeah same here xD I’ve wanted so many times to open some posts complaining and just pointing at Ludia how bad they are managing this game but… I don’t want them to ban me xD

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I did the other day ban free :wink:

I’m team Hugo too!!

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I defo need to do this but I have to be careful of my words :stuck_out_tongue:

Hugo is awesome!! I’m so sad that his story ended so fast >.< Hope he comes back sooner than later

I laughed when Liam went grey again… because why even bother when it’s two conversations???

This game :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


AGREEEE. I have been in bed these days because Im really sick and when I saw Liam I jumped and was like: omg he is backkkk.

But… he is gone. T.T Worst part is: dude we did NOTHING together, we went to a damn karaoke and that’s ittttttttttttttttttt.

Yeah, I may have yelled “what the (ya know)!!” When he went grey :joy: Like you said, why even bother then? Maybe he’ll be back tomorrow :woman_shrugging:

Yeah I’m thinking he’s gone for awhile… so happy he returned home from tour, it would have made more sense to just leave him out there super busy if he wasn’t going to stick for more than a day.

Yeah agree. At least he is not like Noah, going to every damn country to run from me T.T xD

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Oh no kidding.

I had to roll my eyes when he said that it was too dangerous to hike along with him. I’m pretty sure he talked a big game over doing the dog sled thing together sometime and I’m thinking that’s no walk in the park either.

I was looking through my list of people locked in the basement and there’s a few that I honestly forgot even existed. Jake who? Ryan wha? Jamie’s gone reaaaaaaaal dark i guess. Fell right off the dark web Shanghai cliff


Oh my god I’m sorry but I’m laughing so much mostly about the “list of people locked in the basement” like… damn, this is to real hahhhahaa.

And this part “Fell right off the dark web Shanghai cliff” I really loved it xD But I so agree with you on everything!!! Sometimes I look at all those ones that are kidnaped by Ludia and I think like: do I really now want to have Adam back? What If I just go to prison and I ask for another Austin? xD


Yes hes back!!! But going dark so fast :no_mouth:


This game is just laughable now, why even bring him back I mean seriously what the heck even was that???

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