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Liam is back and is...Monday?

Yeah agree :(. At least we got to see him a little bit…

Agree xD as I mentioned before at least is not Noah haha. Honestly Liam was sooo fast and we almost did nothing but… ugh… Noah? Noah is a match we have to be travelling around the world to get 5 mins to see him T.T.

IDK this game is getting more and more frustrating…

Okay everyone, NOAH IS BACK, any bets about where he will run this time? I bet Spain.

He ‘just started’ his journey. So I’m sure this will be dragggggggggggggggggged out for a few months before he flees to help save the whales or something.

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Yeah thats true, agree XD Or if he doesn’t find a puma and he has to fight to survive and then try to save the Puma’s Family so probably next year we will be able to have a normal date with him :heart::heart:

We should have taken bets on how long he was going to last… I mean for an athlete I must admit I’m a bit disappointed. :wink:

Same here… xD Noah went grey today again and the chef guy went grey so fast… But still I think the most disappointing one is still Theo Onasis and I think about that and I feel better xD.

Maybe I’m in the minority here but I’d rather wait for people to escape the basement until I got a decent block of content instead of two conversations every few months.

It’s just ruining the experience honestly.

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Yes yes yes yes, absolutely agree with you. Also, at least for me, due to the two convos every few months, I have seen that they only last 1~2 days and then they go away so now when a match comes back I’m like thinking about that they won’t last instead of enjoying the content because the content is so bad that I’m just like: meh, whatever you will go grey tomorrow.

(I explained this so bad sorry lol)

Liam is back again… :woman_shrugging:t2:

I guess Monday is his day. Bet he won’t last… Oooh who wants to create a poll to see when he vanishes?? I’m thinking Wednesday… :thinking::thinking:

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Thanks to you I checked Lovelink because I was obsessed with Obey Me and I didn’t see Liam coming back hahaha.

Can we create a poll here? If not I say that he will vanish as well this wednesday or tuesday night :thinking: The thing is, Liam has to be gone before thursday because Ludia won’t have 3 active matches

What is this obey me?? I need a new obsession.

And I like how he came back but soup boy didn’t. Our date ‘tomorrow’ is taking longer than I had even thought it would and my expectations are pretty low…

Not really a spoiler but when Liam hinted at a date tomorrow all I could think was that he was going to vanish now too :rofl:

Me too.

How long can we drag that story line out?

Liam will vanish…
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Wait…Liam who?

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Okay I voted tuesday, I’m ready to fail hahaha

PS: Sorry mods, I said a bad word against amanda and it was moderated :frowning:

Oh probably.

Wishy washy seems like an option. Or she kidnaps him or us or something crazy… or she vanishes and he needs to find her because he’s such a good guy :thinking:

Oh that would be really good to be honest :thinking: Would be good that suddenly Liam needs our help and we can take care of Amanda or another fans xD

Also I’m seeing that the post where I talk about this have been moderated and is hidden and I don’t know why… O_o…

Hopefully one of the characters that hasnt been updated since last year comes back this week since I have no interest in Jonathan, Jin Mae, Noah and the new guy

Hope so to be honest, it would feel refreshing to see old faces coming back ^^