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Library and lvl 30 players

Should not even be a thing. We have two (2!!) arena’s above Library and yet… as soon as you enter this arena and gain more than 100 battle points (heading 5100) all we encounter is lvl 28-30 boosted creatures. Thor’s speeding over 135 and damaging 2015-2090 single hit (not rampaging!!) maxima’s 10000 health damage 1890 (or more!!) per single hit (not rampaging) phorus lvl 28-30 damaging 2000 + per single hit (not rampaging!!) stegodeus 10000 health … seriously … address this. I’m so incredibly sick and tired of it…


I’m in library sometimes gyrosphere and run a whole team of level 30 unboosted. I don’t see the problem with it. Most people I face have lower level dinos but have better stats because of boosts. So stop looking at levels and start looking at stats. Levels are very misleading


My stats aren’t anywhere near those. My team is level 25-27 boosted 5/5/5 all over… so explain that.
Level 28-30 boosted should either be in Gyro or not matched up with me at all… (library is only trophy count so they dropped…on purpose)

I can’t explain bad matchmaking. All I’m saying is that sometimes I out level People but their stats are higher. Don’t be so defensive

I’m defensive because I do look at stats. Been playing this game since start minus 1 month. I can handle bad matchmaking (have to be used to it by now) also being matched up with higher levelled teams with about the same stats. But teams at my trophy count way above my level and stats is on purpose. I want Ludia to address this stupid dropping. Could understand when the timer was at 120 seconds but it hasn’t been since 2.0 dropped so no “Legit” reason to drop anymore except for messing stuff up.

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I’m Normally ~5800 and right now I’m still in the 5500-5600 range. I got pushed back into library 2 or 3 times this week. You just don’t understand what is ahead of you. My team is all L30 and probably average 8-12 boost per dino. most people above me have more boost and when you start hitting mid to upper gyro you start seeing maxed boosted dinos and you go a little higher than that and you’ll find maxed out teams. I’ve been in gyro for close to a year so don’t get upset where you are and what you are seeing if you don’t start investing real money you are kinda stuck with the rest of us. You’ll start to win as much as you loose and settle in where you belong. For the most part we are all trying to win and when we get pushed down especially after season reset its just a total S-show and not much we can do. I do feel bad when I just crush a team library but you need realize L’m only there because I’ve lost 4 or 5 in a row and dropped 150 trophies.


I know part of what I encounter is due to reset and push backs. But in the end there’s only one that can solve this… Ludia. I don’t blame you or any other player (except those dropping on purpose) I want Ludia to fix this “brown warm result of eating anything” :wink:

I have a full team of level 30 and I’m in library. All of them are unboosted. I’ve made it to gyrosphere twice for a battle each.


Points for running unboosted

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Well that proves my point. Since you’re in upper library I should most definitely not be facing any of the teams you’re losing from in lower library :ok_hand::woman_shrugging:t3:

Match making is currently within 400 trophies… if your at 5100… you can be matched with someone at 5500.

The fact is there isn’t enough people in library, depot, and shores to have the kind of match making most would consider fair.

Their is only 16k players on at the same time… and between time zone differences and other factors only a portion of those are going to be online and battling at the same time.

Peak time player numbers from library to shores is probaly closer to 5-6k you can’t have selective match making with a pool of players that small.

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It just simple result of +30/-30 system. There are big losing streaks. Some alliance team mates almost dropped to Aviary from Gyro, cause of bad losing streaks.

Right now lost 5 in a row and two timeouts. 3 losses from Library with mostly lvl 30 team.

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It would be fun to see how many players are in each arena over the time of a month, see if dropping is a factor or just matchmaking within 400 tropies.

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Man I’m seeing those here in the Aviary. I talk to customer support whenever I face someone like that and they tell me it’s all fair matchmaking. I think it’s a ploy to encourage you to buy bucks to buy boosts


Yeah that requires a bit more dedication then I’m willing to do but between my kids and my alt account last season broke down like this.

Total players who played one match 260k

Amount of players in library and high 17k
Players between ruins and avairy 60k
Players in sorna 15k

This games playerbase bulk of playerbase is extremely casual and all those numbers start much lower and increase during the course of a season but at a much slower rate.

This all started with the new 30/30 trophy system, I think. People just can’t move up fast enough.

It’s getting a bit of a joke though, I’m tired of facing these teams…


FWIW. I’m in library with a full team of 30s. Sometimes I break back into Gyro but usually don’t stay there until late in a season when things are more stable. I don’t drop. I also don’t play PvP much; just enough to get my DBI. Today I went 1 for 5 in order to get my 10 takedowns. Currently sitting at 5379 trophy’s. My boosting is geared towards the Mort raids so I have 3-4 dinos max boosted that do well in that fight. In PVP, this translates to a crutch type team comp which further contributes to the trophy swing dynamic. I really don’t care about the PvP fights at this point or getting to a higher arena. Just want to make sure I don’t fall out of library if I can help it.


I sit in low library with a team of 25 - 29 dinos.
Half have some boosts half don’t.
I really dislike PVP because quite simply I’m a crap battler. I used to be good before boosts became a thing and then I just went downhill fast. I simply got to the point where I got my dbi and got out of there. So I’ve sat on about 5100 points for well over 6 months now despite getting every boost strike, dbi and levelling up every team member by at least 2 or 3 levels.

So what’s the answer for someone like me?
What fun can be derived from treading water and staying still?
Maybe I just need to get good at it?..

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My wife is all L30 and in Library.
Eventually Aviary will be too if nothing changes.
But 2.1 is probably going to change that somewhat.
I foresee a lot of level 30 dinos getting dropped for level 28’s and 29’s.

See that’s the theory but to many people just hold on to nerfed stuff… avairy is already getting their… but it’s lower tier 30s indos both gens, Thor’s, even some proceratho… and most of these teams also have a max draco as well.

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