Life finds a way

Clever girl…they learning to avoid getting darted…

But with all do honesty I’m pretty heartbroken that I couldn’t get that sino. Those strike events overpowerthem too much and I tried clicking like 100 times before he despawned. The weekly sino events are great but when so many powerful Dino’s require sino, missing the chance to dart even one is very disheartening. Would appreciate it if something is done about those strike events-cuz if it wasn’t there that Dino would have been mine ;-(

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They wont fix this or are unable to fix it. It’s been an ongoing issue for months now.

I share your pain, the strike bases have ate many a dino I wanted.

Sometimes if you open another screen and switch back to the map, if you are quick, ypu can click the dino before the tower spawns in. I have found that this rarely works in real life though, like hardley ever.


Oh I see well it’s still good to know! Thanks!

Move closer to be IN the tower too, as close as you can to the base of the supply drop, zoom in and try to tap on the dino’s shoulder, head or tail whatever you can get. Trex spawned in a strike tower soon as I finished the fight, I zoomed in all the way and somehow I managed to actually tap on her. It can be done! By no means a fix but it has helped me.

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I have done this, and it’s the best possible solution I’ve seen. I get them almost 100% of the time. I was using an old phone and the towers always loaded after the dinos appeared.

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