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Life Found A Way alliance 1 slot open


The alliance I’m in is looking for one member. Someone “left us” this week like that lawyer in JP 1 lol. I wanted to reach out and try to give an opportunity to a hard working player who may be in a less active alliance. Hurry up though, it will fill fast! We will get rank 5 and 4 even with the voided slot.

*The alliance is Life Found A Way 49/50
*We reach level 5 and 4 every week
*Looking for very active players only
*2,500 trophy limit better to have around 2,800-3,000
*We check donations and activity so if you show up in the donations list you’re more than likely to get donations right back!
*We have a discord chat, strictly for members to conversate and try to work out trades and just hang out.
*Friendly environment filled with players who try there hardest, no one gets mad at eachother.

How to join: You need to get discord and contact me. I will direct you to the leader.

Contact: Sixty Four#1072 on discord.


The spot is gone now. I’ll post here if another slot opens. Good luck.


2 spots open. Fresh off another 5/4. Read first post for info.


Everyone who messaged me thanks for your interest, keep playing. And to those who joined, congrats. Spots are gone. I’ll post here again if there is any openings.